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1 Tesla Court
1 Tesla Court
Type: Residential
Value: §75,000
Size: Large
Number of floors: 3
Occupants: Beaker family
Number of bedrooms: 2
Number of bathrooms: 2
Neighborhood: Strangetown

1 Tesla Court is a residential lot in Strangetown where the Beaker family resides. It sits near the rim of the crater which contains, and may have been formed by, a crashed UFO. There is a basement which serves as Nervous's room. Oddly, it does not have a ceiling. The first floor has the kitchen and dining area, a bathroom, a living area, and what appears to be Loki and Circe's lab, where they perform their experiments. It contains The Eclectic and Enigmatic Energizer, a TraumaTime "Incision Precision" Surgical Training Station, a SimSanto Inc. Biotech Station, and a SimVac. The second floor has two bedrooms, each with a double bed. One is obviously the master bedroom. There is a full bathroom, a bathroom that has only a toilet and bathtub, and a half-bath. There are stairs which lead to a small deck that has an inexpensive telescope, possibly due to Loki and Circe's love of knowledge.

Tesla Court might be named after Nikola Tesla, an inventor.


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