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250 Main Street
250 Main front
Type: Community
Value: §119,679
Size: 40x50
Number of floors: 1
Neighborhood: Pleasantview
Not to be confused with 250 Main Street (Desiderata Valley).
Prefer a dunk in the pool to a walk in the park? Visit the Pleasantview Community Center today!

250 Main Street is a community lot in Pleasantview; it is known as the Pleasantview Community Center. It is located on the corner of Main Street and Woodland Drive, centrally located to the rest of the neighborhood. The building itself features a small seating area, a pair of dart boards, two restrooms (one male and one female), and a small "shop" which has only one grocery freezer and one cash register. Outside, there is ample seating, as well as a pool, chessboards, swings, and some trees and other plants. There is a barbecue grill, so hungry Sims will be able to eat. Part of the lot is laid out as a parking lot, but that is purely decorative; even if Sims have cars, it will not be used for parking. As a community lot, it can be purchased for §119,679, and can be made into a business, though some renovations would almost surely need to be done for it to be of any use at all as a business.[TS2:OFB]


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