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290 Main Street
290 Main Street
Type: Community
Value: §149,665
Size: 30x50
Neighborhood: Pleasantview

Visit these local businesses for all your food, reading, and entertainment needs. They'll thank you for it!
290 Main Street is the local grocery store in Pleasantview. It consists of two separate buildings attached to the same foundation. There is a small gap between the two buildings that allows the two to share a roof. When viewed from the street, the building on the left-hand side is a grocery store, while the one on the right sells magazines and games, and has two pinball machines. Each building has a restroom which can be entered from the space between the two buildings. The buildings partially wrap around a courtyard which is decorated with flowers and trees, benches, tables, and a barbecue grill. There is also a magazine rack and cash register in the courtyard. There is a decorative parking lot on the left side of the lot.

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