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3 Sim Avenue
3 Sim Avenue
Type: Residential
Number of floors: 1
Occupants: Roomies Family

3 Sim Avenue is where Chris Roomies and Melissa Roomies live in The Sims for console. The house is basically a variant of 3 Sim Lane of the PC version, without the second floor. It has a couple down passages such as lacking a room for a bedroom, but the house contains a fairly big garden outside, and the house is prebuilt, so it is up to the player to furnish and redecorate it. It is painted white inside and out and has wood flooring, but the house doesn't have to stay in that condition; the player can always make the place more colorful. Bob Newbie and Betty Newbie are the Sims that visit most often. If the player places a family in 2 Sim Avenue they will come to visit, too.

This place is almost a smaller replica of the mansion Who Loves Ya Baby. Just by the way of construction the property is almost a relic, except much smaller. Players can always add more rooms to this property for better living and more privacy.

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