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49 Ely Road
Size: Large
Number of floors: 1
Occupants: Broke family
Number of bedrooms: 4
Number of bathrooms: 3

49 Ely Road is a residential lot in Riverview and is the home of the Broke family. The lot is in the style of a small caravan park and features three caravans which each contain different things to be used interchangeably, one presumably for FloFlat and Skip, another one possibly belonging to Ruby, and a last one which most likely houses BuckTrigger, and Susie. All of the trailers are cheaply furnished due to the family's economic status, and the lot isn't well-maintained, with weeds growing amok and the outdoor furniture poorly arranged. Each trailer has a cheap bathroom, a cheap fridge and microwave, and a small kitchen unit; however, only the beige one has an oven. The lot has three parking spaces, even though they only have one car. The outdoor area contains a swingset, a slide, a grill, and some outdoor seating.

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