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5 Sim Lane
5 Sim Lane exterior
Lot type Residential
Number of floors 2
Occupants Goth family
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 1
Neighborhood Neighborhood 1
Game The Sims

5 Sim Lane is a lot in Neighborhood 1 in The Sims. It is the home of the Goth family, consisting of Bella, Mortimer, and Cassandra.

The lot contains a small two-story house with a graveyard in the back. On the first floor is a small master bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and a small living area. The bathroom contains a Sani-Queen Bathtub, and is accessed through the kitchen. The living area contains a loveseat, a bookshelf, an aquarium, and a piano. There is a "porch" in front, and a patio in the back. There is a large dining table on the patio. The top floor only covers part of the first floor, and has one room with a dollhouse, a toybox, an easel and a bed for Cassandra.

The lot features a graveyard with eight gravestones. Each gravestone is associated with a ghost, who will often appear at night to haunt the lot and house. The ghosts are named Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle, Auntie, Cousin, Vegas, Bratty, and Boy.

In The Sims 2 (which is set 25 years after The Sims), the Goths live in a different house and a different neighborhood. Mortimer's memories from The Sims 2 show red Fire! and "Burned food" icons; some players theorize that these memories indicate that Mortimer burned down the original Goth house.

Parts of the house at 5 Sim Lane were apparently rebuilt in The Sims 2 for the purpose of taking family-story pictures. Two of these are in the Goth family's album, and can be seen in the gallery below.