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6 Sim Lane
6 Sim Lane
Type: Residential
Value: §18,000
Size: Small
Number of floors: 1
Number of bedrooms: 1
Number of bathrooms: 1
Neighborhood: Neighborhood 1

In Neighborhood 1, 6 Sim Lane is a small lot with an unoccupied 3-room starter house. The house has 1 bathroom and 1 bedroom; the bathroom can be reached from the bedroom or the front living area. The bedroom also has a door which opens onto a patio. The front room can serve as a combination living room, dining area, and kitchen, or the player can have the resident(s) dine on the patio.

Players often tend to move Michael Bachelor into this house, since it is small and cheap, good for a single Sim like him. Of course, any family can be moved into it, though it is small for anything but a single Sim or a childless couple.


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