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76 Gunther Goth Highway
S1 76GuntherGothHighway
Type: Residential
Value: §20,000
Size: Large
Number of floors: 1
Occupants: Hick Family
Number of bedrooms: 2
Number of bathrooms: 1
Neighborhood: Old Town

76 Gunther Goth Highway is the address of the home of the Hick Family. It is a white trailer with very bad landscaping. There is a small fenced yard (it's too brown to be a lawn) in front of the trailer, which surronds a cheap stove, a pinball machine, and the dogs' food bowls. The outside part of the home is very messy, with a lot of bare dirt, some trees, and many haphazardly placed bushes. The interior rooms include the kitchen/dining area, the bathroom, Elden's bedroom (which looks like a child's room, possibly because his room was not redecorated when growing up due to their economic status) and Mama's bedroom. The house costs around §20,000, which is the price of a starter house.

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