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If you travel to the edge of the civilized world, then go a bit further, you'll run into Aarbyville. A land overrun by smugglers, pirates, and other lovable ne'er-do-wells, Aarbyville is best traveled with a guard or not at all.

Aarbyville is a territory that's notorious for being a wretched hive of scum and villainy. The closest thing to a ruler of the land is the Pirate King or Queen, who leads the many gangs that control the region.

Aarbyville appears on the map when the kingdom reaches 60 Renown. It requires 10 Resource Points to ally with.


Aarbyville imports swords, most of which likely end up in the hands of their gangs of bandits and pirates.


  • 3 bags of Magic Powder for a prisoner
  • 3 Jeweled Rings for a Tablet of the Watcher
  • 2 bottles of Watched Water for an Excalipaddle

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