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Trait Absent-Minded
Absent-Minded is a trait in The Sims 3. It conflicts with the Perceptive trait.

Absent-Minded Sims get lost in their thoughts and occasionally forget what they are doing, or where they are going.


  • Absent-Minded Sims may find themselves standing in a room wondering how they got there.
  • Expect the Sim to be a bit forgetful from time to time.
  • Absent-Minded Sims may stop what they are doing mid-action.
  • Absent-minded Sims might turn off the television when they're done with it, even if other Sims are still watching.
  • Absent-Minded Sims may be at a small disadvantage academically at University.

Absent-Minded SimsEdit

Examples of pre-made Absent-Minded Sims: Amy Bull, Carlotta Lobos, Connor Frio, Hope Carpenter, Constance Shelley, Kara Leary

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