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The academy is a new type of lot introduced to The Sims 3 in the expansion pack The Sims 3: World Adventures. It is also a lot assignment.

Academies provide a boost to the Martial Arts skill building of any visiting Sims. By default the only academy in the game is located in Shang Simla, however players can add them to home worlds by tagging lots as 'Academy' in the Create a World tool, or in the edit world mode while playing.

If you wish to make a custom academy, you will have to turn the buydebug cheat on (testing cheats must be enabled first). The martial arts equipment used in the academy cannot be found in the normal buy menus, but can instead be found in the miscellaneous category in debug menu of buy mode. An academy is good for sparring, meditating, practice, and board breaking.

Shang Simla academiesEdit

Phoenix Academy of Martial ArtsEdit

Located in Shang Simla, the Phoenix Martial Arts Academy is where Sims seeking Martial Arts training can go. Inside you can find athletic equipment as well as training dummies, board breaker objects, and other martial artists to spar. This lot attracts explorers.

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