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In The Sims 3: Generations, children and teens can enroll themselves (or be enrolled by a parent or a guardian) in after-school activities (also referred to as after-school class), either by entering the school or by using a computer.

Once enrolled in an after-school activity, students will spend two extra hours in school, learning a special set of skills. Which days an after-school class meets on depends on whether the student is a child or teen, and (for teens) on which class is taken. Students (or their guardians) can quit the class either by visiting the school or by using a computer.

The after-school activity will end when teen Sims are about to age up. There will be an award ceremony at the school which all of the teens' household members are supposed to attend. They will be given an award which can be found in the Sim's inventory.

For children, after-school activities end well before their birthday and there is also an award ceremony. Once an after-school activity has ended, they will be unable to take the same after-school activity again.

After-school Activities for ChildrenEdit

There are two classes for children to join. Child Sims who joined one of these classes earn a hidden skill and on every level, they unlock new interactions. There are three levels to these skills.

These classes are on every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 3:00pm to 5:00pm.


TS3 Ballet

A ballet student showing off her dancing technique

Children who enrolled in ballet will learn ballet techniques which they can show off as an interaction. Continuing the class will result in levels gained and new abilities unlocked. At the end of the third level of the ballet skill, they will graduate and may earn a participation or best-in-class trophy. They can put the trophy at home as a decoration.

They will have a ballet recital at the school in the neighborhood and the students' parents can attend to the recital.

Children gets a hidden skill called ballet skill. There are three levels which each unlocks an interaction.

  • Level 1: Show off Plie
  • Level 2: Show off Pirouette
  • Level 3: Show off Echappe

The hidden Ballet skill will transfer to the hidden Dancing skill once children grow up into teenagers.


Boy scouts

Two boys wearing their scout uniform

Children who are enrolled in scouting will learn the fishing skill. In addition, the child Sim will learn how to tie a knot and salute, both of which are interactions that may be performed on any Sim after learning them. They earn badges which they can show off to other Sims or use as wall decorations. Boys and girls appear to share the same scouting regiment.

Scouting is probably the best of the two after-school activities, as it can easily allow for a child Sim to learn fishing skill level four before finishing school. Either way, after-school activities will result in a happier child with a better foundation of skills for later. The extra time spent is worth the payoff, given that it is only six hours per week.

Children gets a hidden skill called scouting skill. There are three levels which each unlocks an interaction.

  • Level 1: Show off Badge
  • Level 2: Show off Salute
  • Level 3: Show off Tie a Knot

The hidden Scouting skill will transfer to the Gardening skill once children grow up into teenagers.

Note that the salute learned from scouting is not the same as the one gained from going to military school or having a parent high in the military. This means it will not be usable once the child has grown up.

After-school Activities for TeenagersEdit

Teen Sims cannot have part-time jobs that have the same time slot as their after-school activities.[1] The only part-time job that does not conflict with any after-school activities is Mausoleum Clerk, as it starts at 6pm and after-school activities usually end at 4pm.

List of clubs teen Sims can attend
Icons Clubs Skill Raise Days Notes
Aa club art Art Painting
Aa club debate Debate Logic S M T W T F S
Aa club drama Drama Charisma S M T W T F S Teens can work as Spa Receptionists, as they need not work on Tuesdays and Fridays
Aa club music Music Guitar
Aa club newspaper Newspaper Writing
Aa club shop Shop Handiness S M T W T F S
Aa club sports Sports Athletic S M T W T F S
Aa club study Study Homework S M T W T F S Teen Sims would have less homework or no homework when returning home from study club

At the end of their school, they will have a participation trophy and if so, they might get a top gun trophy. Teen Sims will get an opportunity to go to an awards ceremony to get the trophies. The tropies will be judged on their after-school activities and on how well they did in their classes. Any teen Sims who worked hard in afterschool activities are going to advance faster in careers and master trades earlier in adulthood.

After-School Activity OpportunitiesEdit

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There will be several after-school activity opportunities, especially when the classes are about to end.

After School Reward Ceremony

Received: By phone
Objective: Attend Ceremony at Community School
Reward: Trophies
Location: Community School
Description: An award ceremony is being held at the Community School! It's a great opportunity for Sims to get together and celebrate all of [Your Sim's Name]'s extracurricular activities. Trophies will be handed out, so be sure to attend.

These after-school activity opportunities should be initiated manually by clicking on the exact location or your Sim will miss it.

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