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The Sims Vacation

Al Pine's Winter Wonderland
42 Volcano Al Pine
Type: Community
Neighborhood: Vacation Island

Come one, come all to Al's world famous Island Summit resort! You've seen it on the postcards, now come enjoy it for yourself! Al says, "Bring the kids too!"

Al Pine's Winter Wonderland is a lot that can be found in Vacation Island, from The Sims: Vacation. It is situated at 42 Old Volcano Way.

This winter resort has three rooms, each of which has a BarkWorld Sleeper bed. Each room has a bathroom with the basic toilet, shower, and pedestal sink. Each room also has a dresser (Traditional Oak Armoire). The main lodge has two buffet tables, several dining tables, some chairs and sofas, and a polar bear rug.

There is a shop that sells postcards and gift souvenirs. It also sells adult winterwear, and winterwear, swimsuits, and pajamas for children. A second building is divided between a game room with arcade games, a dartboard, and a jukebox, and a restroom with several toilet stalls and sinks. Outdoors, there is a snowboard halfpipe, a snow slide, a snowball fort, and a rental shack. There are also a couple of redwood hot tubs.

If Unleashed is installed, the restroom should contain a dog bath, and the main lodge should contain food bowls. The dining tables in the main lodge should have Queen Vivanco Roses on them. Each room should have a basic pet bed, and there should be a doghouse near the door of each room. There are no litter pans, nor are there any scratching posts or other pet fun items.

The first part of the lot name is a pun on 'Alpine'.

Problems Edit

  • If the Queen Vivanco Roses are on the dining tables in the main lodge, Sims will not be able to sit at those tables to eat, though they will be able to sit at the outdoor picnic tables.

Tips Edit

  • Add one or two bathtubs. This will let kids bathe without making a mess, and will give them a way to raise their comfort level.
  • Put a bookcase in the main lodge. Sims will be able to read in front of a fireplace, and will sit long enough for their comfort levels to go up.
  • If the Queen Vivanco Roses are present as mentioned above, remove them. This will allow Sims to sit inside to eat.

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