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Alto family
Name Alto family
Number of generations 2 generations
Family connections Landgraab family, Goth family, Hart family
The Sims 3 Logo
Alto Family (The Sims 3)
The Altos are new money. Their unscrupulous business practices have gotten them far in this town. Unofficially, they own most of the local shops. But how did their daughter become such a Goody Two-Shoes?
Members Holly Alto, Nick Alto, Vita Alto
Lot 20 Summer Hill Court
Funds §75,000
Difficulty level Difficulty3
Other Information
Game TS3 Icon The Sims 3
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Sunset Valley
Hidden Springs Logo
Alto family (Hidden Springs)
Once a prominent accountant to the stars in Bridgeport, Bert has shown up in this delightful spa retreat with quite a lot of money in his pockets...
Members Bert Alto
Lot 53 Subalpine Boulevard
Funds §125,000
Difficulty level Difficulty1
Other Information
Game TS3HS Icon The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Hidden Springs
Lunar Lakes Logo
Alto family (Lunar Lakes)
A descendant of the prestigious Alto clan Trenton has fallen out of favor with their rich and powerful neighbors. His wife, however, is still very much in the spotlight. Will Trenton continue to hang on to his wife's coattails, or will he strike out and make a new name for himself?
Members Trenton Alto, Eleanor Alto, Jareth Alto
Lot 136 East Starfall Road
Funds §10,000
Difficulty level Difficulty3
Other Information
Game TS3LL Icon The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Lunar Lakes
Sunlit Tides Logo
Alto family (Sunlit Tides)
Griffin left home on a trek to "find himself" before settling down into the drudgery of the family business, but, once on the island, he immediately fell for a tropical beauty and decided his future would be wherever she is… Will Griffin be able to convince Leo that he is worthy of Tenika’s hand, or will Griffin have to take more drastic measures?
Members Griffin Alto
Lot 16 Tropical Circle
Funds §100,000
Difficulty level Difficulty1
Other Information
Game TS3SLT Icon The Sims 3 Store
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Sunlit Tides
The Sims 3 Island Paradise Logo
Alto family (Isla Paradiso)
The Altos are known for their enormous wealth and questionable ethics…Alfonso made his fortune in island resorts, but only by stealing from and lying to his partners. Enemies abound and friends are few... will Lopita stand by her husband or has she had enough of his wicked ways?
Members Alfonso Alto, Lopita Alto, Ashley Alto
Lot 1 Alto Road
Funds §125,000
Difficulty level Difficulty3
Other Information
Game TS3IP Icon The Sims 3: Island Paradise
Neighborhood Isla Paradiso

The Alto family is a wealthy pre-made family. They first appeared in the "The Heist" trailer for The Sims 3 when Nick and Vita Alto bickered after Nick farted audibly. The pre-made storyline for the family involves a business feud with the Landgraab family, as Nick and Vita are enemies with Geoffrey and Nancy Landgraab (although Holly Alto is merely acquaintances with both her parents and the Landgraabs) as well as the fact that Nancy Landgraab and Nick are both on the same career level trying to get ahead. They live in a mansion in the upper-class area of the town, across the mansion of the Landgraabs. Their last name is a pun on the television show, The Sopranos. Despite only being introduced during The Sims 3 era, they quickly became one of the families in the franchise with the most appearances in the series, alongside much longer-running characters such as the Landgraabs and the Goths. In total, the family have appeared seven times to date: once in The Sims 3 base game, twice in expansion packs for The Sims 3 (including one mention of a lore character), three times in DLC content for The Sims 3, and once in The Sims 3 for Nintendo DS. However, they do not appear in The Sims 4.

It has been implied that they - at least, Nick and Vita - are the "bad guys" in town. The town, filled with traditional old money families like the Goths and the Landgraabs, got disturbed when the city-bred Alto family arrived with their city-born personality and try to change the system of the town to a more modernized, corporate fashion. The residents of Sunset Valley will have to pick the side of either the Altos with their uptown ideals or the Goth's more traditional views. The Altos aren't as involved in a conflict with the Goths, however, as they are with the Landgraabs. Even though it is said that they run most of the towns commercial properties, the family does not start with any real estate properties belonging to the family, but with their large family fund at the beginning of the game, it is possible for the player to buy out some of the establishments in town.

The family is described as "Nouveau Riche and Evil," and they fit the description perfectly. Both parents are either mean-spirited or evil, and are enemies with the Landgraab family. According to the family bio, the Altos are ruthless, unafraid to plot the misfortune of those who stand in their way. They are also the perfect example of New Money, as, unlike the "Old Money" Landgraabs, they flaunt their wealth through their clothes and material wealth: they wear stereotypical, wealthy clothes (Nick wears a suit and Vita wears a mink coat with fur trimming, but even their other clothes for other occasions scream "wealthy"; the Landgraabs wear simple but decent clothes), have expensive cars (they own the most expensive car, a Margaret Vaugester, while the Landgraabs have a moderatley-priced car), and the Villa Alto is a tacky mansion that flaunts the Alto fortune with its gaudy lawn, golden furniture and excessive bookshelves and paintings, in contrast with the Landgraab's simple but elegant mansion.

However, in contrast to Nick and Vita is their daughter Holly. Unlike them, she is a good Sim who does not play the role of what their expected offspring should be. She is neither cruel nor tacky, and has made friends of her own and no enemies at the beginning of the game. She dresses like a middle-class teenager with a yellow, floral long-sleeve top, khaki capri pants, and slippers, and other than her formal attire, she can easily be mistaken for a daughter of a middle-class family. She looks nothing like her parents, with a bright face and ash-brown hair and slim figure. In the household, her room is probably the least expensive, if you don't include the bathroom connecting to both her room and the kitchen.

It is revealed in The Sims 3: Late Night that a possible ancestor, Ebenezer Alto, founded Bridgeport, which could mean that is where Nick, Vita, and Holly moved from. This is very likely because they are very rich and industrial and Bridgeport is a rich, industrial city.

In the The Sims 3 (Nintendo DS) Holly re-appears in the neighborhood Beacon Bay, but with a very different appearance and personality which she appears to have inherited from her mother, unlike her counterpart from Sunset Valley. At this point in time, she is married to Don Alto, who appears to have taken her last name. Her family bio states that her and her husband's motto is "rich, rich, rich" and that many business practices have distanced them from happiness and redemption. Since a grown up Alexander Goth from The Sims 2 is in the game, and since, in Sunset Valley, Holly is already a teenager during Mortimer Goth's childhood, it seems likely that Holly would be deceased by then.

In the town of Hidden Springs, it is learned that Nick Alto has a brother named Bert, who is living there with money from a mysterious source. For unknown reasons, Bert appears to be hiding, possibly from his brother Nick and/or previous clients.

Some descendants of the Alto family appear in the town of Lunar Lakes; Trenton Alto, his wife Eleanor, and his son Jareth.

In Sunlit Tides, Griffin Alto went on a vacation before taking over the family enterprise. Still he got engaged to Tenika Wahine. However, Tenika's father hates Griffin and wants to tear the two apart.

In Isla Paradiso, a new neighborhood introduced in The Sims 3: Island Paradise, there is an Alto family. It consists of husband and wife couple Lopita and Alfonso Alto and their daughter Ashley Alto. It is unknown who they are related to or descended from.


  • Alto: means "high" in Italian. It means "tall" in Spanish.
  • Nick: short for Nicholas, means "victory of the people" in Greek.
  • Vita: means "life" in Italian.
  • Holly: derived from the English word "holly" tree.

Family tree

Alto Family Tree

Alto Family Tree 2

Alto Family Tree 3


Sunset Valley
Hidden Springs
Lunar Lakes
Sunlit Tides
Isla Paradiso
Beacon Bay


The Alto Home

Villa Alto: This executive home features multiple living areas and a stately home office. It is perfect for operating the family business... or accommodating the family that -is- the business.

  • Lot: 60 x 60, 2br 2.5ba
  • House Funds: §104,859
Alto Family
Nick - Vita - Holly - Bert
Jareth - Trenton - Eleanor
Alfonso - Lopita - Ashley
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