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The Sims 3 is a prequel to The Sims. So, if the Altos pretty much run the town, why aren't they mentioned in any other game? Post your theories here.


  • There is the answer The Sims and The Sims 2 Designed from Will Wright so Alto family created at sims 3 Will Wright was not the Designer of Sims 3 this is the answer.
  • I see some there said that Goths and Landgraabs kick out from town Altos, but no Vita she is friend with Goths so no they kicked out I believe they die and Holly she married so she change her last name.
  • Obviously it's just because EA wants to mess with us. But, when you really think about it, E.A never said that the Alto's completely died off by the time that the Sims 2 took place. Holly could have married into another family and changed her last name. Plus the others could have died or done the same. How do we know that Holly Alto isn't Holly Greenwood from Twinbrook? Or that she isn't Holly Andersen from the Sims 2? ~Kcroxr
  • I think The Sims 3 Store team is purposely trying to mess with us by including the Altos in every other neighborhood they release. First, it was Bert Alto from Hidden Springs. Then, Trenton Alto and his family in Lunar Lakes. Now, with the release of Sunlit Tides, yet another Alto family member has been created? The good Griffin Alto lives on his own in a nice house in Sunlit Tides. I think they're (whoever created the numerous Altos) implying that the family split up and branched out over time due to difficulties in their dysfunctional family. There are the goods and the bads of the Altos and they couldn't settle their differences, so everyone gave up and ran away, including running away from Sunset Valley. Allie0717 (talk) 15:39, August 24, 2012 (UTC)
  • The Altos arrived with uptown ideals, the town chose sides. The Landgraabs and the Goths teamed up and kicked Nick and Vita out to Bridgeport, where Nick's succesful brother Ebenezer Alto lives. Bert Alto used to live/work there too (the accountant for Bridgeport celebrities, however he never really liked the job, so he moved to Hidden Springs. Holly was still in Sunset Valley, because she wasn't Evil. She was Good. She later died and the tombstone of her got destroyed.
  • I Couldn't take it any longer for 1. THERE IS NO VITA ALTO IN THE SIMS 2 ITS A RUMOR, thank you they probally just didn't win the town over i mean look at the point of it the Goth's and The Landgraabs are both very powerful and "old money" so they won the town over which means the alto's probably moved away to Bridgeport where they conquered that city not to mention that they seem to be not in the old town era where it seems that they didn't adapt the modern or "Art Nouveu" style but a old rustic bayou feeling and then when in the next 25 years when sims 2 rolled up the town is just adapting the "Modern style" because there is no one else to reign in the Goth since gunther is dead and the Landgraabs intergrated to Bluewater (which is also mysterious for a powerful family to leave) so in other cases they moved away to bridgeport or some other place that they took control of......but yeah every house in pleasantveiw (including maxis made on sims 2 site) do not have a urn saying "Vita Alto" but i do comend on them being dead since when the game started they where going into that there probably dead and holly is up there in her elders because she's older than mortimer and malcolm so stop saying they go out.....because there a bit young and shes the old hag so yeah......Simysims
  • In The Sims 2 there is an urn for Vita Alto. A commenter (scroll down) said they discovered that this Vita had a daughter, Holly, and Holly had a dad named Nicholas Alto who was still alive (thankyou, anonymous commenter!). What could have happened was that Vita died an early death, after Holly moved out, and Nick/Nicholas felt alone in the world, and depressed. So he quit his job, moved into a tiny house and developed a fascination with space and telescopes. One day, he was abducted by aliens, just like Bella Goth. He never died, but he never returned to SimNation, so he would still be considered living. And Holly just never married. Another theory is that after her parents died (natural or early deaths, doesn't matter), Holly was tired of being good and wanted to see her parents, even if they were evil. So she decided to become just like them, and married Malcolm Landgraab and became Mom. (Kinda like in New Moon when Bella goes insane so she does crazy stuff to see Edward's "apparition") for the record I don't really like twilight saga the movie...
  • Sunset Valley is only in the Sims 3. The Alto's took over and the Goths, Bachelors, Langeraks and Landgraabs left, and also if Holly did get married her surname would not be Alto.
  • I was thinking about this theory of Mom Landgraab but I don't think it is true since Malcom is good not evil and doesn't want to be a thriving sucess with alot of cash like his mother. I think EA just messed up and didn't think the Altos through as they did with Michael Bachelor
  • I think the Landgraabs and the Goths teamed up and killed Nick and Vita, and chased poor Holly out of town. The Goths are scary on their own, but then you get the Landgraabs in the mix and.. Well, it'd end badly for anybody they didn't like. My name is Joine, and Skip ate my pie!!! DX 19:07, October 14, 2010 (UTC)
  • Nothing. Holly married and therefore her last name changed. Nick and Vita died.
  • I think Holly Alto is actually Holly Greenwood from Sims 3 Ambitions, they're both good and care about the planet, Holly moved to Twinbrook and thats how the Alto era ended in Sunset Valley and also wanting to rebel against her mother got into politics
  • To the person above me, Holly Alto could not be Holly Greenwood as Ambitions takes place in the same time era, so that would mean Holly Greenwood, if she is Holly Alto, would have to be married to a Greenwood man in the future and come back in a time machine.
  • It could be entirely possible that karma came back to haunt the Altos, and that instead of Holly being the Mom Landgraab from Bustin' Out, maybe she ended up being Mama Hick. Think about it. Somehow, Nick and Vita got caught trying to monopolize the neighborhood, and either had to face consequences, or went to prison (Nick does want to be a criminal, after all). They also could have been murdered, as they're clearly not very well liked. Regardless, their evil ways eventually caught up with them, and poor Holly had to pay for it, and by the time the Sims 1 rolls around, she's living in a trailer in Old Town, married a Mr. Hick at some point, and is now known as Mama Hick, possibly affectionately by other townspeople who pity/sympathize for her unfortunate life.
  • The Landgrabbs moved away giving the ownership of Sunset Valley to the Alto's. Then, Nick and Vita died of old age. Holly inherited the town and named it Old Town, in honor of her parents long lives. Years later, Holly was feeling upset and sad. Because the town reminded her of her parents death. So she gave the town to the Goth's and Then, Cornelia and Gunther both died and Mortimer named the town Pleasantview after the way things have been peaceful. (That's why Holly was never mentioned in any other game, because she moved away to an unknown town/city.)
  • Simple: Nick and Vita died in a fire and Holly got married to Malcolm Landgraab I. She preferred to be called "Mom" and had Dudley, Mimi and Malcolm II.
  • This family's gotta' be the mob. They weren't very well liked so I say someone off'd them and disposed of the bodies, Vita was cremated and stuck in a basement for a house being built and Nick is probably downstream with his feet encased in cement. Holly skipped town and changed her name as a part of a witness protection program.  The mansion was sold and demolished. 
  • They unofficialy own most of the businesses, and you can buy deeds. Meaning that they are going out of buisness so they must of dropped of the grid. Hatsworth101 19:07, April 9, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think that, as Pleasantview is Sunset Valley, the Vita Alto in The Sims 3 and her grave in The Sims 2 are the same person. In The Sims 3, Vita Alto and her husband were much hated in the the town, even though Vita had somehow gotten far up the political career ladder. I believe that eventually the town got sick of her so while Vita was swimming they built walls around the pool. Vita drowned and Nick, a hydrophobe, was devestated so tore down his mansion (Holly was a young adult and had moved out at this time) and continued living life as a hermit. He came to realize that the town was very joyful upon her death, even though he didn't know they murdered her, so built a basement, and perhaps a tomb, with Vita's urn contained in it. Holly married a middle-class family and, because Nick had quit his job and the mansion was torn down, the rich, prestigious Alto family was forgotten and the Landgraab's regained control of the town again. I have another theory which is like my previous one but Vita just drowned on her own. MJ567 03:17, December 25, 2009 (UTC)
  • Assuming that the urn in the secret basement in Pleasantview is true, then I'd assume that Gunther won the election, The Altos fell from grace, Vita died of old age, Holly died of either old age, accident, or murder, and Nick is ridiculously old, possibly using the elixir of life to keep him alive for some reason. But seriously though, before I even consider that, I want proof of that urn! I just might find my sims 2 base game and do a little investigating myself...
  • Maybe aggresive people who the Altos overpowered and killed them. Holly could have changed her name in disgrace and moved far away
  • I have the most logic explanation. I think Malcolm Landgraab from The Sims 3 is not a relative of Malcolm Landgraab I, I think he is Malcolm I from The Sims Bustin Out and The Sims on console. Therefore he married Holly Alto who is rather "Mom" or the unknown partner of Malcolm who fathered Malcolm II. I also think Nick and Vita died so the Alto legacy continued in the Landgraab's. Simple.
  • I think, they were run out of town before the beginning of The Sims, for being too evil...
  • I think that Holly, didn't marry or have any children, so the family ended.
  • Gunther wanted to be mayor and they moved to another town.
  • I think Vita and Nick Alto were run out of town and killed in Pleasentview.Then Holly Alto fell in love with Malcom Landgraab and they had Malcolm I and Holly was then known as mom.~~
  • I think that since Holly is the exact opposite of her parents, she moved away to a different town to get a way from her parents. Plus, the parents died of old age before The Sims. However, if there is a Sims 4, I think the Altos will be in the game.
  • That's because they are newly created in The Sims 3, just like any other Sims. Does it really need explanation? --Bayoubash 06:38, 11 July 2009 (UTC)
  • I think that Holly Alto continued as "Mom" in The Sims console version. Considering that she was good unlike her parents. Nick and Vita probably died and Malcom married Holly to have Mimi and Dudely
  • Off game explanation: they just weren't created before. In game explanation: They overcame the Landgraab family in the town control race, and as long as you're on the top when you're ambitious, you look for new challenges. Therefore, they found a new city to rule, and this wasn't any of the 6 sims 2 towns.
  • Hmm...maybe it's that they won the Sunsetvalley over and became the new leaders and in-charge. Seeing as that the Landgraabs and Goths had intended for Sunset Valley to be traditional and peaceful, with the Altos winning with their uptown ideals, they saw no hope to continue their visions come true. Knowing this, people who sided (and there were probably a lot considering they were never seen in The Sims 1 & 2) with the Alto's chose to stay behind in Sunset Valley, but the Goths and Landgraabs have moved to a new location among some of the families who also supported tradition and simplicity, like the Langeraks, etc. quite possibly Riverview, seeing as that it has the same topography and land as Old Town and Pleasantview, and the rest is probably history...but that's a weird theory ***** Sunsetvalley is Pleasantview/Oldtown .
  • Even though Bayoubash's theory is very, very likely, Holly might have also moved to another town to escape her parents; or could either be "Mom" or Ginia Kat. Yes, she might not even want to be an Alto. So she could have changed her name to Ginia Kat.
  • Well, I think in the "real story", Gunther won and became the mayor. Maybe he and the Landgraab's discovered about the Alto's corruptions (probably, because Holly discovered the truth about all the Alto's money and told someone because she wasn't as evil as their parents were, and  maybe she also wanted to make Sunset Valley a peaceful place to live, I don't know! xD), and they expeled the Alto's and Holly out of the city. So Gunther put his ideals to came true and the Altos moved to another city. Holly never got married to Michael Bachelor (I've read somewhere they were in love, I don't know because I haven't played with the Bachelors yet), and he married with Dina Caliente when Sunsetvalley was already renamed "Plesantview".  ----> I think this theory can work if Sunsetvalley is really Pleasantview/Oldtown. if it isn't, the teory of the user above me, who said "Hmm...maybe it's that they won the Sunsetvalley over and became the new leaders and in-charge [...]" can work. Just another vision for what I've read and understood =] (Sorry if I did some mistakes... My english is not the best xD) ~ By Dawn01
  •   I think that the parents died and Holly just kept dating cheaters finding out and never marrying because she had unrealistic expectations for a loved one but having lots of friends. And before the parents left town they left a bomb that made people forget all about Holly after she died and then the Alto parents moved on!
  • I say since Vita's lifelong wish is to be The leader of the Free World and since Nick wanted to be the Emperor of Evil, The both got their wish, and since the Leader of the Free World and The Emperor of Evil are enemies, Nick and Vita became enemies and tore the family apart. Everyone moved far away, but nobody moved to the same place. And so the Alto's empire collapsed.
  • I think Holly Who I actually do not think is nearly as interesting as her evil parents. She is too good! And I think she is adopted. She looks like either Nick or Vita, not on personality or appearance.
  • Simple. They didn't move away from Sunsetvalley.
  • I found a grave in The Sims 2 in Pleasantview named Vita Alto, in an urn under one of the premade houses in a secret basement. I brought her back with cheats, and it showed she had one daughter named Holly, and Holly had a livng father named Nicholas Alto. I have looked for him in every town, but haven't found him yet. More to come later.
  • Nick and Vita died, and Holly either had no children or married and changed her last name. Simple!
  • You are all asuming that there are only a limited number of towns in SimNation. Chances are they moved to a yet to be disclosed neighborhood of a future game. Thetford 23:55, February 10, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think the town drove Vita and Nick out of town but Holly had been able to stay as long as she changed her name. After she changed her name she tried to get wealthy but she was able to marry and have children.
  • In my game Nick was having an affair with Cornelia Goth. The Goths were pretty popular amongst Sunsetvalley's residents and when the affair came out, they hated the Alto's for causing the family so much trouble. Holly disowned both her parents from her and Vita was distraught at the familly breakdown, before dying in a fire which destroyed the Alto mansion. Nick then left town and Holly, so disgusted at her family, hastily married her boyfriend Ethan Bunch to extinguish the Alto name.
  • With the whole " Vita Alto's Urn" thing. I have no clue what to believe with this story anymore and only cuz from what I have read all they write is " the urn is in Pleasantview in a secret basement under one of the pre made houses" what kind of info is that!? there is no name of the house. or who owns it. also it is also very likely that they have made up there own houses (or downloaded it from the sims 2 exchange) with an Urn and another Vita Alto with the same lifestyle that the original Vita Alto had. However if this story is true. and it was orginally a house in Pleasantview please write the house it belonged to. Because if it is true then you will have no problem writing a proper location to where this Urn is ;)
  • I agree with most other therories here - Malcolm Landgraab in the sims 3 is Malcom Landgraab I (that makes the most sense - I means 1st, which means that his father was not Malcom Landgraab) and that Holly is "Mom" Landgraab. I really hope the proper Landgraab family tree is confirmed and we find out what happened to the Alto's in the near future!
  • Since Vita's lifelong wish is to be The leader of the Free World and since Nick wanted to be the Emperor of Evil, The both got their wish, and since the Leader of the Free World and The Emperor of Evil are enemies, Nick and Vita became enemies and tore the family apart.And so the Alto's empire collapsed.
  • Nick and Vita were killed because of being hated they were buried and cemetery in the basement of a home being bulit where their home was.By this time Holly married Malcolm and become Mom and was safe.
  • The Alto family made their money through benefit fraud and tax evasion. When the polcie found out, they all went to prison. Presumably they were still in prison 25 years later. Gallifrey102 12:35, April 18, 2010 (UTC)
  • i say Vita was arrested for some reason, and put on death row. Ashamed, Nick shot himself in his study. Holly went on to marry Malcolm Landgraab and became Mom. Not very feasable, I know, but it's my theory. Awesomebloodvamp 10:31, April 19, 2010 (UTC)
  • I think that it is quite simple. Hollys parents both soon died from unknown causes and Holly married and changed name and town!
  • I say the Alto's were killed off by the Landgrabb's and the Goth's,since they were friends with the police they never got caught and ruled the town
  • I think after Holly grew into an adult, she didn't want to be a member of the Alto family anymore, thus she moved to another town and/or changed her name, whether she did it through the city hall or by marrying someone. Also, after Vita and Nick died, the Landgraab family ruled Sunsetvalley and because they hated the Altos they decided to treat the Alto's just like commoners (or even worse) by not mentioning their names at all. Therefore, no one knows that the Landgraab's were enemies with the Alto's.
  • In my theory I think Holly is Mom Landgraab which would explain why we never heard of the Alto family in the sims, sims 2 etc. So in my game I am going to make Holly fall in in love with Malcolm and make them have three children: Malcom II (firstborn), Mimi and then Dudley. Of course the last two will take after the Alto family's evil traits and Malcolm will be good.
  • Holly Alto did not want to follow in her parent's footsteps, and chose not to get involved in real estate in fear it would make her like her parents, and that's why no businesses relate to the Altos, and she also died accidentally and early. UBFunkaneer 20:48, June 7, 2010 (UTC)
  • Probably there is a moment in which the town reveals against the Altos, forcing them to leave the town (And probably go to another country, since they are not featured in anywhere else in SimNation). Also, since a sim is allowed to buy deeds, it probably means that the Altos went broke or something, which contributed to them leaving the town forever.
  • Technically there are no theories what-so-ever. They weren't included in The Sims (1) because the producers wouldn't imagine at the start that The Sims 2 would exists, even worse to imagine The Sims 3. But if you really want a fantasy explanation, I'll say Holly didn't have kids so couldn't continue the family.
  • The Landgraabs must have chased them out of Sunsetvalley.
  • The Altos got homesick and moved back to the city from which they came.
  • I think, Gunther Goth wanted to be a mayor, when Vita and Nick goes to Champs les Sims, their plane crashed and was not found yet, so after Gunther died of old age, Mortimer give the Sunset valley to the Landgraabs and the Goths move out to the new town, and rename it become Pleasantview, The Landgraab family changed Sunsetvalley into Bluewater Village, Destroyed all lots and build it up again. It can work if Malcolm Landgraab in TS3 is Malcolm Langrabb 1.
  • I think that Vita and Nick might have died of old age and Holly didn't get married, so this ended the family.
  • It's possible that the feud between the Altos and Landgraabs ended in the Altos killing the Landgraabs except Malcolm. And when Malcolm became older, he murdered Nick and Vita. Later it is possible that Holly and Malcolm married.
  • I say the Alto family won the town's love with new ideas, then the the Goth's moved away and founded Pleasantview!
  • Holly married Malcolm Landgrabb and had Dudley and Mimi, Vita and Nick died of Old Age. Holly leaves Malcolm after he turned into a bad person, because she is good.
  • Maybe when The Sims 4 comes out the Alto's will appear again12.153.197.247 21:01, October 13, 2010 (UTC)
  • They moved back to Bridgeport,and own Bridgeport.
  • Everyone knows that Holly Alto is nice and cute but she's not! She murdered Vita and Nick Alto and if you notice the sailboat beside the lighthouse island she sailed on it and buried Vita and Nick on the island.
  • Vita and Nick lost their house and were jailed for fraud, while Holly moved away. when they were finally released, they bought a house outside Sunset Valley/Old Town, afraid of what the locals would do to them if they knew about their "shady" activities. Norman Average 20:13, November 7, 2010 (UTC)
  • Nick and Vita died of old age, Holly married Malcolm and she became Holly Landgraab. She then changed her name to 'Mom' to be safe.
  • Nick and Vita are acutally aliens sent to reaserch simnation, they adopted Holly as a cover, and there is aliens pre Sims 2 becuase of Nestor Caliente.They later had to leave because their cover was blown and abandoned Holly, who later went back in time change her name to Lolita Goth and killed herself. Case Closed
  • Alto family moved from Italy to Sunset Valley,after a few years Vita was killed by Thorton Wolff (he looks like a killer to me),Nick was so sad he killed him self, Holly was the one who convinced Thorton to kill Vita and then Holy fell in love with Malcom Landgrabb.Metalgearrexlover\
  • Maybe Sunset Valley is in another reality to pleasantveiw/Old Town and the Alto family never existed in Universe B, but they do in Universe A, and since The Alto's are in another universe as the sims 2 it doesn't really matter if Agnes Crumplebottom dosent turn into Miss crumplebottom in Universe A.
  • It is possible that Holly Alto was Mom Landgraab, but if so she isn't the Mother of Dudley and Mimi, because she doesn't get married to Malcolm until the Sims 1 (console) and at the start she is the Mother of the Player, so Holly might have been Malcolm's first wife and had Dudley and Mimi and by the Sims she either died or divorced and then Malcolm married Mom (who is an entirely different person). But it still is possible she was Mom Landgraab, but unlikely.

  • In my Game, Vita and Nick Alto, have a son named Preston Alto. Later on, Holly Alto finished high school and moves out, taking Preston with her. She moves to a small house down by the beach. Once Preston is a Child, they move to a bigger house. They move to many various houses. At the Moderanus, Holly finds a sim named Shane Smith, who has a daughter named Madison Smith (From a different marrige). Holly and shane become romantic Interests. They have 4 children. Zack, Riley, Claire, and Sophie. Preston moves out on his own, and Nick and Vita Die. Holly eventualy gets in a fight with Shane, and moves away from him.Shane Marries Chanel Critique, the mother of his first child (Madison). While Holly seeks love, she still enjoys seeing her children grown up. Once all of her children are out of High school, Holly dies at age 90. Although her children are depressed, they continue on living thier lives. They all move into the Villa Alto with holly's Brother preston. Currently, Madison smith, and Zach alto, got married and had 2 children. Adrian, and Sam alto. Preston is an elder in his 80's, and will die soon. Zack will take his Uncle's place and be the man of the house. His wife Madison, just turned an elder, and he's worried about her. While the other young adults of the house still mourn over Holly, thier future will tell if they will be good Parents just like her. - Jenna9149
  • You don't need a logical explanation, EA decided to introduce a new family in the Sims 3. That's all there is to it, you guys.
  • Hey guys! This is Theories, not player stories of what you did with the Altos. You can post your Alto family stories on their player stories page. Thanks! Simrose101, the hyper and addicted Sims 3 player :D 15:56, February 6, 2011 (UTC)Simrose101
  • Holly is deff not adopted. When you strip all the makeup off of Vita's face it's pretty obvious. She has Nick's nose too. It's like the Kardashian's genology with Khloe and her parents and siblings. Khloe has blondeish/light brown hair green eyes and light skin, while her parents and siblings have dark hair, brown eyes, and some sort of olive shade to their skin (Kris, Rob Sr. being a lighter shade of olive, while Kim is light-medium, and Kourtney and Rob are a darker shade of olive) Holly is simply the same way, being light complected with blonde hair and green eyes, while her parents are olive skinned/dark haired. EA Games had to have been watching Keeping up with the Kardashians while coming up with the Alto Family genology, where Khloe got a DNA test after being convinced she was adopted.
  • For the top commenter, that's not true. She got married and became evil in Sims 3 for DS. Cheers, 00:34, February 24, 2011 (UTC)
  • The Goths kicked out the Landgraabs and Altos, the Landgraabs went to bluewater village and the Altos went to a yet undiscovered location & Holly's name changed when she married so any Holly in the sims series could be her.
  • Obviously they ran this town, but by the time The Sims has started the Goth's have moved away to a new town, and by The Sims 2, it had blossomed into Pleasantview, and some of the familes from The Sims 3 had moved into town.
  • In the DS version, or the Wii version, or a console version, there is a Holly Alto married to a Don Alto. What's probably happened is that Holly got married and changed her name to whatever, and the Alto's had a second kid, this Don, and he got married to another Holly. Because of the different times, it has to be that way, cause siblings can't marry eachother...
  • ==I reckon that Holly murdered her parents, and then the police came looking for her hid them in the basement and then killed herself so she didn't get caught... that is why she wasn't in any other games. Or she could have just moved away.... they disappered on my game because i murdered Nick and Vita and holly got married to Michael Bachelor and Ta-Da a perfect ending to my story! But i don't think it is true.... But Meh==
  • A very simple reason. Ebenezer Alto founded Bridgeport and the entire family decided to live there. However the pirates weren't too happy the the Alto's trashed the village and turned it into an urban city so they kicked them out of town. The Altos didn't want to move back to Sunset Valley because the Landgraabs were in charge again and had plenty of "precautions" in case they came. So they moved to an unknown country and were never seen again.
  • Obiously the Mom Landgraab theory can be excluded, since, Holly is old enough, but in The Sims 3 Malcolm is only a child, and 25 years later on the original The Sims he already haves 2 adult children. To this happens, Malcolm should already be married to Mom, and she should be pregnant with twins at the begining of The Sims 3, and since Holly is Holly and Malcolm is a chyild, this is absolutely not possible. Only if The Sims for console is actually on The Sims 2 time this could happen.
  • They could have moved back to Bridgeport, and never moved out after that. Now, I also think they could have moved to Hidden Springs to live with Bert after they lost all of their money for some reason, and then they never left there or moved to Bridgeport.
  • 27 years before The sims 2 (2 years before The Sims, the military were looking for them to punish them for their evil crimes. But they went into hiding and disguised themselves. The military then set bombs everywhere round the outside of their found area. But nobody knew about it and they were completly and utterly disentegrated them and since nobody knew about it that's how they weren't mentioned in the two sims games before. Oh, and the military never made a tombstone for any of them either. - Iaincormack Saturday 3 September 2011 21:50
  • The Goth's and Landgraab's didn't really like the Alto's. They were snobs and show offs. Obviously hitching a plan to kick them out of town. By the time The Sims 1 had came, they were kicked out of the neighbourhood to a mystery town and were never seen again.
  • The Bridgeport Town Description defines that the town was founded in 2000 (The sims 2 era, in my opinion) By an Alto. Since there are 50 years between TS3 and TS2, that would've been enough time for Nick and Vita to die, Holly to get married, have a child (Ebenezer) that child to grow up and found Bridgeport. The Slayer family bio insist that the city has been around for at least 100 years, which is plenty of time for the family history to be lost. (P.S, not unlike how Geoffrey changed his last name instead of Nancy, I bet Holly's husband changed his last name)
  • Really EA just decided to add some new families to Sims 3 but I still like to imagine storylines in the game. I think Nick and Vita had been finally caught for fraud and evil and had been sent to prison before the start of The Sims and Holly already was ashamed of her parents already but this made her so mad that she changed her name and moved away, unknown to whether it is in SimNation or not (She could have been Ginia Kat). Nick and Vita were very old by the time they were set free and soon died of old age and they were just forgotten about. (Nyancat1997 07:20, April 14, 2012 (UTC))
  • i made vita break up with nick. then nick became a sculptor. then i made vita move out on her own house then killed the altos cause there annoying.... WISHES AND ARGUING NON-STOP!
  • ^ Ahem, this is a theory page, not a player stories page. I think your "theory" would feel much more at home on the player stories page. To the first story on the page: Flip yeah, there's no Vita/Nick/Holly in TS2 anywhere unless you decide to create them! Honestly, I doubt EA/Maxis thought of the Altos before TS3. Or perhaps someone(cough cough the angel child) found out that Vita killed somebody (possibly Lolita Goth?) or did some horrible crime and got put on death row, without probation and thus got killed, then Nick err...went back to the land of which he came (somewhere in SimNation that we haven't heard of just yet, maybe)... and Holly got married or changed her name or something, thus eliminating the Alto family name. She could have become Mama Hick, I agree with whoever wrote that on that one. As for the Holly Alto on DS, that it a completely different Holly- it's not possible to change skin colors, the Holly with auburn hair and light skin would likely also be dead by that time. FwenchFwies15
  • Vita and Nick had another child then Vita died since she was very weak after giving birth, Holly was over-whelmed with grief so she ran away changed her name to Ginia Kat, Nick died of old age and the child went on to marry Malcom Landgrabb.
  • I think Vita and Nick moved to Bridgeport but back to Sunset Valley (Pleasantview) it is unknown who changed the name of the town...but when come back Vita died but Nick stayed alive but died soon in TS2,it is unknown if Holly married or traveled somewhere.Simple. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) (UTC) - Please sign your comments with ~~~~
  • I think that the Altos were reasonably well off before, and then Vita and Nick made there fortune. They wanted a child to continue their riches, but Holly was a sweet goody-two shoes. They didn't like Holly much, and she sleeps downstairs continually.
  • You can tell what happend. I think that Holly Greenwood was adopted by the Altos, they changed her name to Holly Alto.