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Appaloosa - Appaloosa is a type of horse for this horse-oriented town.

The Bedlington family Edit

Bedlington : A town in Northumberland. May also be a reference to the Bedlington terrier, a breed of dog.

Bertram : Means “Bright” from Old French and Old German

Patricia : Means “Noble” from Latin

Buckley : Means “deer meadow” in Old English

The Bird family Edit

Bird : A simple “bird” means in English

Alouette : Means “lark” or “a bird name” in French

Oriole : Means “golden” or “a bird with golden colors” in Latin

Minette : Variant of Mary, Mina and Minna. Means “star of the sea”

The Blackburn family Edit

Blackburn : A surname of English origin Vera : Means “faith” from Russian and Slavic.

Ginger : Means “liveliness” from English origin

Walter : Means “commander of the army” in Old German

Country Cowpokes household Edit

Hobble : Come from a craft

Chuck : Pet form of Charles in Old German, means ‘’free man’’

Shadow : A simple “shadow” means in English

Johnson : Means “son of John” in Old English

Johnny : Derived from John. Means “God is gracious” in Hebrew

Freebird : Come from a craft. Probably derived from “Free” and “Bird”

The Curley family Edit

Curley : In Ireland derived from the native Gaelic MacToirdealbhaigh Sept of Counties Antrim and Armagh. Means "son of Turlough"

Tate : From Middle English origin means "cheerful"

Esme : Means "to love" in Old French

Petunia : Name of a humble-looking flower

The Darnell family Edit

Darnell : Means "hidden spot" in Old English

Honey : A simple "honey" means in English or means "nectar" in Old English

Skedaddle : Come from a craft

The Fox family Edit

Fox : A name of an mammal

Shawnee : An American Indian tribe that came from the eastern American forests

Cheyenne : An American Indian tribe from the Plains.

Dakota : Means "friend, ally" in Lakota American Indian.

Bramble : A tangled prickly shrub.

Shep : Variant from Shepherd, means "shepherd" in Old English.

The Lionheart family Edit

Lionheart : Probably the combination of "Lion" and "Heart"

Hetty : Means "myrtle leaf, God rejoices"

Maria : Means "stars of the sea"

Mothball : Simply means "mothball" in English

Pickles : Simply means "pickles" in English

Muffin : One kind of Muffin

The Loveland family Edit

Loveland : Probably the combination of "Love" and "Land"

Gracie : Variant of Grace. Means "favor" in Latin

Babycakes : The combination of "Baby" and "Cakes"

The Marshall family Edit

Marshall : Means "caretaker of horses" in Old French

Felipe : Means "lover of horses" in Spanish

Kim : Means "Cyneburg's field" in Old English

BaBa : Come from a creation. A Pet name

GooGoo : Come from a creation. A Pet name

Oopsie-Daisy : Come from a craft. A pet name

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