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Game The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3
Buyable Buy mode
Price Varies
Type Fun
Size 1x1 floor[TS][TS3]; 1x2 floor[TS][TS2][TS3:HELS], 1x3 floor[TS2:P]

Aquariums are a type of object that allow Sims to own pet fish. They can be bought in buy mode and have appeared throughout The Sims series.

The SimsEdit

In the original release of The Sims, the only way Sims could have any sort of pet was to have the Poseidon's Adventure Aquarium. As long as the fish were fed daily, and the tank was kept clean, the fish would live indefinitely. The Hot Date and Superstar expansions added large 1x3 aquariums, but these were purely decorative and did not require maintenance. Unleashed added a goldfish bowl that functioned similarly, though it treated the fish as a small pet that had to be purchased separately while on a community lot.

Poseidon's Adventure AquariumEdit

Poseidon's Adventure Aquarium
Poseidons adventure aquarium
Aquariums are lots of fun. Well at least for some people. Just don't forget to feed the fish and clean the tank periodically, and they will swim happily in circles forever.
Game The Sims
Buyable Buy mode
Price §200
Type Decorative, Fun
Size 1x1

Fun: 1
Room: 2

"Manila 1000" Marine AquariumEdit

"Manila 1000" Marine Aquarium
Ts1 manila 1000 marine aquarium
Dwindling tropical fish populations got you down? Then join the burgeoning "Adopta-Reef" home aquarium program. In exchange for each GENEROUS contribution, each member receives a 1000-gallon, fully-systematized community tank, stocked with exotic and endangered Indo-Pacific fish and fauna. So whether you enjoy captive animals at home, or like to flaunt them in public, make the Manila 1000 your good deed for the year!
Game The Sims: Hot Date
Buyable Community lot
Price §3,999
Type Room
Size 1x3

Room: 6

Classic Goldfish BowlEdit

Classic Goldfish Bowl
Ts1 classic goldfish bowl
Goldfish have been considered the training ground for pet ownership since time began. This is pet care for the minimalist, but do not be fooled by the fish's small size. Goldfish require constant attention so that they do not choke on algae-laden, oxygen-depleted water, resulting in the well known belly up position. Be careful with your fish, or it could be the kid's first experience with a death in the family.

Note: Fish not included
Game The Sims: Unleashed
Buyable Buy mode
Price §35
Type Fun
Size 1x1 table

Fun: 1
Room: 1


Ts1 aqua-rich-ium
This sophisticated aquarium is designed to impress, and it shows. Imported seaweed and fronds help create a homey environment for the fish, who have been hand-selected from the waters of the Caribbean. A sophisticated custom built life-support system keeps the water at exactly the correct pH, salinity, and temperature for each species in the tank.
Game The Sims: Superstar
Buyable Buy mode
Price §4,999
Type Room
Size 1x3

Room: 8

The Sims 2Edit

In The Sims 2 base game, the only way Sims could have any sort of pet was to have the Aquabox Five-Gallon Aquarium. The Pets expansion pack added a 1x3 saltwater aquarium called Mr. Maritime, and changed aquariums so that cats could watch them. When bought, these aquariums are empty, and can be stocked by clicking on them and selecting the "Restock" option. Stocking the Aquabox costs §35, while stocking Mr. Maritime costs §300, and Sims may stock them autonomously. The fish must be fed every 48 hours, or they will die. They can be fed more often, but this will make the tank need to be cleaned more often.

Unlike The Sims, Sims in The Sims 2 will not react when fish in an aquarium die, and the game will not give the player any notice that the fish have died. When told to restock the aquarium, Sims will scoop the fish out of the tank, take them to what they consider the nearest toilet, and flush them away, then return to the tank and add new fish, for which they will be charged.

Apartment Life added a large 4x4 aquarium, which was primarily decorative and did not require maintenance, although Sims and cats could still watch it.

AquaBox Five-Gallon AquariumEdit

AquaBox Five-Gallon Aquarium
Ts2 aquabox five-gallon aquarium
Feed fish. Watch them swim in circles. Watch fish watch other fish swim in circles. Watch the fish watch each other. No doubt about it, Sims love fish. What could possibly be so entertaining about watching a simple life form go about it's[sic] business while occasionally feeding it? EVERYTHING, that's what! The AquaBox Five-Gallon Aquarium is ideal for freshwater or saltwater fish, so go crazy! Get an aquarium, and get fish! (Dr. Vu's sunken treasure refrigerator contains no treasure)
Game The Sims 2
Buyable Buy mode
Price §300
Type Decorative, Fun
Size 1x2

Fun: 8

Mr. MaritimeEdit

Mr. Maritime
Ts2 mr maritime
Why spend the time, energy and expense to enjoy the beauty of the sea when you can bring it into the home with the "Mr. Maritime" saltwater aquarium? Any room is enhanced by the rare beauty of exotic reef fish and corals, and all you have to do is feed them regularly, clean frequently and restock them when the unthinkable happens. You can't do all that with the ocean! Fish guaranteed to live as long as they survive.
Game The Sims 2: Pets
Buyable Buy mode
Price §3,000
Type Decorative, Fun
Size 1x3

Fun: 8
Environment: 6

AquaBox "60 Gallons of Awesome" AquariumEdit

AquaBox "60 Gallons of Awesome" Aquarium
Ts2 aquabox 60 gallons of awesome aquarium
How many gallons of awesome can you handle? If you're the average Sim, that number probably borders around 50, which makes the newest AquaBox Aquarium a dangerous acquisition. Prestocked with many exotic fish and undersea plantlife, it's sure to be the centerpiece of any home.
Game The Sims 2: Apartment Life
Buyable Buy mode
Price §18,000
Type Decorative, Fun
Size 3x3

Fun: 9
Environment: 10

The Sims 3Edit


An aquarium as found in High-End Loft Stuff

In The Sims and The Sims 2, aquarium fish were not separate objects. In The Sims 3, however, they are. Fish can be caught by fishing in ponds, rivers, lakes or oceans and placed in bowls or tanks. A bowl holds one fish; an aquarium holds six, which allows fish to reproduce.

If fish are not fed daily, death music will play and the fish will die of starvation (although the Grim Reaper doesn't come). In some games, the fish tank can also turn green to warn the player that the fish need feeding.

The Shrinkomatic FishbowlEdit

The Shrinkomatic Fishbowl
The Shrinkomatic Fishbowl
Regardless of what any fishermen may tell you, there's no fish too big for The Shrinkomatic Fishbowl. Ginantic trout, boat swallowing minnows and even the legendary Carp Ehdiem will all swim happily in this quaint bowl... assuming you feed them.
Game The Sims 3
Buyable Buy mode
Price §80
Type Decorative, Fun
Size 1x1 counter

Note: It must be placed on a table/counter

All My Fishes AquariumEdit

All My Fishes Aquarium
All My Fishes Aquarium
No longer shall fish swim alone. They will bask together under the glow of the fluorescent light, frolick in bubble fields, and wade in in algae blooms; it's the next best thing to being in the ocean. Perfect for the serious angler or the casual ichthyologist, there's no classier way to display fine aquatic specimen or other precious loot!
Game The Sims 3: High-End Loft Stuff
Buyable Buy mode
Price §500
Type Decorative, Fun
Size 1x2

Fun: 8
Environment: 8

Tropical AquariumEdit

Tropical Aquarium
Tropical Aquarium
Hand sculpted by the wandering fisherman known only as "Dennis", this stunning aquarium is a must for fish collectors everywhere. House your water breathing friends in an environment featuring all the trappings of the tropics! The mini-volcano regulates water temperature and provides hours of fishy fun. Let your fish know that you care by purchading them this well stocked and totally over priced aquarium.
Game The Sims 3 Store
Buyable Buy mode
Price §2,500
Type Decorative, Fun
Size 1x2

Fun: 9
Environment: 9

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