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Not to be confused with Aquarius.
Type: Community
Value: §79,013
Size: Large
Number of floors: 2
Neighborhood: Bridgeport

Aquarius is a club located at 1500 Bayshore Highway in Bridgeport,[1] the Neighborhood that is included with The Sims 3: Late Night. It is located at the top of a Skyscraper[1] and has been described as being "posh." It has a Hot tub[1] and a large pool on the roof, as well as recliners. The lower floor has a bubble bar and digital aquarium. Both floors each have a bar.

Both floors require celebrity status to enter. If a non-celebrity Sim sneaks past the bouncers and joins in, one of the celebrities inside may denounce the Sim and have him/her be caught by the bouncer and sent out of the restricted area.


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