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Not to be confused with Artist.
Trait Artistic
Artistic is a mental trait in The Sims 3. It conflicts with Can't Stand Art.

Artistic Sims are naturally gifted artists with a paint brush. They also make pretty good writers and musicians!

Attributes Edit

  • Artistic Sims build Painting skill 25% faster than other Sims.
  • Artistic Sims enjoy spending time at the Art Gallery.
  • Artistic Sims build Writing and Guitar skills 10% faster than other Sims.

Unlocked interactions Edit

  • 'Talk about Art' social interaction is available.
  • Artistic Sims can Paint Stylized Still-Lives like Genius and Insane Sims.
  • Artistic Sims can Paint Somber Still-Lives at level 6 instead of 9.
  • Provides a bonus to Sims writing in the Children's genre.
  • NPCs with this trait are attracted to the following lot assignments: Art gallery
  • Artistic Sims will react negatively to Sims that "Complain About Art".

Player notesEdit

  • Artistic Sims will autonomously interact with easels, sculpting stations and guitars.

Related TraitsEdit

Associated skills Edit

Possible lifetime wishes Edit

  • Illustrious Author
  • Master of the Arts
  • Golden Tongue, Golden Fingers
  • Hit Movie Composer
  • Rock Star
  • Star News Anchor
  • Visionary[TS3:WA]
  • World Class Gallery
  • Descendant of da Vinci[TS3:A]
  • Home Design Hotshot

Artistic Sims Edit

Mortimer Goth, Holly Alto, Morgana Wolff.

See also: Category:Artistic Sims

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