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For other meanings, see Athletic (disambiguation).
For the similar skill in The Sims and The Sims 2, see Body.
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Athletic is a skill in The Sims 3. Sims with the Athletic trait gain the skill faster. Athletic Sims enjoy working out, and get a cool vibe when they are at the gym. Most Athletic Sims will aspire to work out, or to become a professional athlete. Athletic Sims can also train others, and enjoy talking about Athletics with other Sims.

Statistics Edit

  • Hours of Cardio Workouts
  • Hours of Strength Workouts
  • Distance Jogged
  • Soccer Rank[TS3:S]
  • Wins-Losses-Draws[TS3:S]

Challenges Edit

Body Builder
Body Builders have dedicated at least 60 hours to strength workouts. This dedication pays off, because they are never fatigued after strength workouts.
Marathon Runner
Marathon Runners must run at least 500 kilometers before they earn the title. However, accomplishing this incredible feat guarantees them a longer, healthier life.
Fitness Nut
Fitness Nuts have spent 75 hours focusing on cardio workouts. All that time experiencing the burn means they are no longer fatigued after cardio workouts.

Abilities Edit

Level Ability Notes
1 Don't Break a Sweat Allows the Sim's hygiene to deplete slower.
1 Jog Allows the Sim to jog to any location
3 Good Pacing Allows the Sim work out longer before getting fatigued.
3 Pumped Sim gains the "Pumped Up" moodlet when working out long enough
5 Push Self Allows the Sim to work out longer and harder at the cost of being more sore
5 Run Faster Run faster when using 'Go Here' interaction


Train Allows the Sim to train another Sim.
7 Quick Burst Sim Works Out much faster and experiences the gains, hygiene decay and fatigue much sooner

Notes Edit

  • Since Generations or patch 1.22, children will no longer gain Athletic skill. They will instead learn the hidden Child Athletic skill up to level 3, which will transfer into Athletic skill once they grow up to teenagers.
  • Athletic skill also determines the success rate of physical fights when two Sims are in poor social standings with each other. In general, the Sim with the higher Athletic skill is more likely to win the fight. Completing the Body Builder skill challenge significantly increases the chance of the Sim coming out on top at the end of a fight.

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