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A Bar
Object bar juice
A bar in The Sims 3 with two servings of juice ready.

For other uses, see Bar (disambiguation).

A bar is an object that allows Sims to dispense drinks. Sims can either make single drinks for themselves, or make several drinks to share with others. Sims enjoy a boost to their fun motive when drinking the refreshing beverages.

The SimsEdit


Community lot bars.

In The Sims, there are two types of bar. There are single-tile wet bars which can only be placed on residential lots, and 2x3 bars which can only be placed on community lots. Sims can use a wet bar to have a drink, or to make six drinks. Visitors will not be able to take these drinks.

A bar placed on a community lot will spawn a bartender. When at a community lot bar, Sims can order a SimCity Soda for §5, an Island Icee for §10, or a Party Punch for §15. If counters are placed next to the bar, this will give the bartender more places to put drinks. Sims will not be able to sit at the bar, but if there are either dining booths or tables and chairs in the same room as the bar, it will also spawn a barmaid. If the player directs a Sim to sit, then clicks on the barmaid, the Sim will be able to order a drink, which the barmaid will bring to the Sim's table.

The Sims Bustin' Out (console)Edit

The only bar in the game is the Slush Rush Bar which is unlocked at Mimi's Place by achieving level 2 in the Fashion Victim career. Drinks made from the bar increase Sim's hunger, energy, and comfort slightly. Sims with high Cooking skill will make drinks faster. Sims will prepare four drinks every time they make drinks from the bar.

The Slush Rush Bar increases Cooking skill, and Sims learn the skill rather faster than the other Cooking skill objects in the game.[confirmation needed]

The Sims 2Edit

In The Sims 2, all bars can be placed on either residential or community lots, have two surfaces for placing drinks, and take up 2x1 spaces, though spaces in front of and behind the bar are reserved for Sims. Bars offer either poured or blended drinks. Blended drinks cost more if bought on a community lot, but the only other difference is the appearance of the drinks.

If the bar is on a residential lot, Sims can use it to drink from a bottle, have a drink, or make a tray of four drinks. Sims may do any of these things autonomously. The "Clean Up" interaction is not available for drink trays, and the action of making them cannot be canceled. Once a Sim has started to make a tray of drinks, the only non-cheating way to get rid of them is to have Sims drink them. On a residential lot, Sims can hire a bartender to tend the bar at parties.

The base game included three bars, ranging in price from §600 to §1000. University introduced an "island bar", and more of these were included in later expansion and stuff packs. Most "island bars" are designed to match a type of island-style counter, and will mesh with that matching counter.[1] However, an "island bar" can be extended by any type of island-style counter. If stools are placed at these counters, Sims can and will sit at the bar to drink their drinks. However, other Sims on the lot may be aware that a drink has been made, even if they are not in the room. If that happens, one of those Sims may have an autonomous "Have a Drink" reaction before the Sim who ordered the drink begins to drink it, effectively stealing the drink.

University also added a second type of NPC bartender, to staff bars placed on community lots. With Open for Business installed, a bar on an owned community lot can be staffed by an employee or by a member of the owner's household. Bars on unowned lots still get an NPC bartender.[2]

The Sims 3Edit

In The Sims 3 there's only one choice of beverage from the bar: Non-alcoholic juice. Drinking gives a 'Sugar Rush' which freezes the fun moodlets for 4 hours.

Late NightEdit

Late Night adds professional bars which are tended by mixologists and provide a larger selection of drink options. If a professional bar is placed on a residential lot, Sims can practice Mixology, which allows them to build the Mixology skill. They can also make custom drinks from the bar, starting at level six of the Mixology skill. The quality and type of drink will depend on skill level. When Sims have sufficient Mixology skill, they can moonlight at a bar for Simoleons.

Professional bars will count as amenities for resorts in Island Paradise.

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Island ParadiseEdit

The Sims 3: Island Paradise introduces pool bars to the game, which are placed by pools.  Sims can get drinks from them while still in the pool.  These will count as an amenity for resorts.

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  1. The tiki-style "island bar" included with Seasons does not mesh with the matching counter, but the tiki-style counters do not mesh except at corners. Bon Voyage, FreeTime, and Apartment Life include "island bars", but not matching counters.
  2. The three base game bars lack features such as spawning an NPC bartender on community lots and the ability to assign employees as bartenders. Lord Darcy's mod from ModTheSims fixed this. Note that this mod requires OFB or later, or any stuff pack other than Happy Holiday Stuff

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