Barrett's Boardwalk is a Downtown lot in The Sims: Hot Date. It can be found at 28 Main Street.

Barrett's Boardwalk is on a beach and has various fun activities for Sims to do. There is a swimming pool, and a shop where Sims can buy new swimwear. If the House Party version is in use, this shop will have a Hawaiian theme, otherwise, it will be a generic retail store. There is an arcade with pinball machines, a jukebox, and even some slot machines. For Sims that want a quieter way to have fun, there are chess tables on the sidewalk. Hungry Sims have a variety of choices, from ice cream to pizza to burgers; there is even a grill outside for Sims who want to cook.

Upstairs, there is a large bar. If the House Party version of the lot is in use, the bar will have a Hawaiian theme, otherwise, it will be a generic upscale bar. There is a rooftop balcony outside the bar. In the House Party version of the lot, it has a DJ booth and dance floor, otherwise, it is an outdoor seating area.