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For the Bigfoot in The Sims 2 for Nintendo DS, see Bigfoot (Nintendo DS).
Bigfoot (also known as Sasquatch in some versions of Bon Voyage) is a creature from Bon Voyage that can be found on a secret lot in Three Lakes, which is one of the vacation destinations.

Finding BigfootEdit


A Bigfoot

A Sim must first locate the secret location map by either digging for treasure on the ground, going on a hike or searching the pirate ship that can be placed on community lots. Sims can find any one of the treasure maps but in order to find Bigfoot they must find the map for Hidden Burrows.

Once the map is found, Sims can then visit the secret spot by using the map. They will then be taken to Bigfoot's house. If a Sim becomes friends with the Bigfoot, he can be invited to move in. It is not under the usual "Propose.../Move In" menu, but once a Sim has a high enough Daily Relationship and a few Lifetime relationship points, a separate action becomes available, "Ask Bigfoot to move in." Once he moves in another will take his place. A player could, therefore, collect several of the Bigfoot clan in a Sim’s household.

Bigfoot BigfootEdit

There is a hidden NPC named "Bigfoot Bigfoot" which can be summoned through the use of the Tombstone of Life and Death. When summoned, Bigfoot Bigfoot is simply an ordinary Sim with Bigfoot's appearance and thus does not have the same animations as the regular Bigfoots have. Bigfoot Bigfoot also lacks the ability to give "Bigfoot hugs" and can, unlike other Bigfoots, get married and have children. However, adding this NPC to the household is not safe and may cause corruption.

Adding Bigfoot Bigfoot to the household has been known to cause corruption. Try interacting with Bigfoot in Three Lakes as those Bigfoots are safe to play as.


Bigfoot is also a good worker. He can get a job, or be used in a business. Bigfoot has 10 points in all skills and gold badges in every talent.[1] Bigfoot has one default work uniform (a blue waistcoat and a small bowler hat). Almost every day, Bigfoot returns from work with a gift from his employers.[2] Bigfoot does not require friends to gain promotions, and because he already has maximum skills, Bigfoot only needs to show up to gain promotions. This means Bigfoot can easily become a great money maker.

More about BigfootEdit


A Bigfoot in front of his house.

  • There is more than one Bigfoot. Each Bigfoot has a first name, with the last name being Bigfoot. However, there is only one in-game Bigfoot at a time - when a Bigfoot is moved in, another takes his place.
  • Bigfoot walks differently from other Sims, hunching over a little and taking bigger steps when walking.
  • Bigfoot's needs are like those of normal Sims, with one exception: although Hygiene is one of his needs, the only way to get him to shower or take a bath is by directing him to do so. He never bathes under his own free will. He will also eat constantly even when his hunger is full. He also has a unique response when his motives (except possibly for hygiene) become critically low; he goes on a rampage of sorts, pounding his chest, yelling, breaking household objects, and using Scare, Fight and Irritate interactions on other Sims. If Seasons is installed, he is impervious to cold weather but can get Very Hot, though he cannot become sunburned.
  • Bigfoot also has a +5 relationship bonus with dogs and children, which means he is a good babysitter or dog trainer. However, cats are not too fond of Bigfoot.
  • Sims cannot marry Bigfoot or have children with him. In fact, he cannot engage in any romantic social interactions at all, so it is impossible for him to reach a "love" or "crush" stage with another Sim. He can be abducted by aliens, but he will not return pregnant. It may be possible for Bigfoot to adopt though.
Bigfoot elder

Bigfoot will eventually become an Elder.

  • A Sim cannot become a Bigfoot. Bigfoot can become a Zombie or a Witch, but not a Werewolf, Vampire, or PlantSim.
  • Bigfoot acts as a good deterrent for burglars; if one shows up, Bigfoot will automatically wake up and scare the burglar, causing him or her to run away.
  • Making friends with Bigfoot adds a positive entry ("Befriended Bigfoot") to a Sim's memories.
  • Bigfoot has a formal costume, which is a vest and a black hat.
  • In The Sims 3, one of the thought bubbles that can appear above a Sim that has the coward trait's head when they are scared shows a white creature that resembles Bigfoot or possibly the Yeti. He also appears on the KidZone channel on the television. 
Scary computer

A Scary Computer.

  • In The Sims 3: Generations, a moving close-up image of Bigfoot accompanied by loud growling is shown in the "Scary Computer" prank.
  • There is a cutout of Bigfoot standing around the park in The Sims 3: Pets
  • Each Bigfoot is voiced by David Boat, with the exception of "Bigfoot Bigfoot" who is voiced by Stephen Kearin.
  • All Bigfoots summoned with the Mailbox using cheats are voiced by Stephen Kearin. This is probably because these Bigfoots are just normal Sims disguised as Bigfoots.
  • If the player has Apartment Life, the witches can summon Bigfoot using the boolprop testingCheatsEnabled true/ make me know everyone cheat and the neutral spell Appello Simae, even if Bon Voyage isn't installed. However, without Bon Voyage, there is no mesh for Bigfoot and the summoned Sim will be a dark skinned, red haired man with white eyebrows, green eyes and the 18th face template.
  • Players may be able to summon him with cheats or mods such as The Sim Blender or the Insimenator. This may require expansion packs later than Bon Voyage. Without Bon Voyage, the dark skinned, red haired, white eyebrowed version of Bigfoot will appear.
  • Even though the NPC Bigfoot appears to have dark skin without the Bigfoot mesh, examining his SimDNA in SimPE reveals that his genetics are for medium skin.
  • Most teens, adults and elders (unless they have Knowledge as their primary aspiration) will fear meeting Bigfoot, while children and Knowledge Sims will want to meet him.
  • All Sims will, after meeting Bigfoot, often roll the fear of being scared by him.
  • The only aspirations available to Bigfoot are Knowledge, Fortune, Popularity or Grilled Cheese.



  1. If the player installs a new expansion pack with new talents, a Bigfoot living with Sims won't update his talents.
  2. If Sims are living in an apartment with Bigfoot, the gifts he brings home will be stuck near the apartment style mailbox on the lot, unable to be moved.

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