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Birth Queen
Birth Queen 1
A Birth Queen

Not to be confused with Birth Queen (Pollination Technician 9's paternal grandmother).
Not to be confused with Birth Queen (Pollination Technician 9's mother).
Not to be confused with Birth Queen (Pollination Technician 9's maternal grandmother).

The Birth Queen is the apparent head of alien class hierarchy, creating the population of Colony Drones (aliens). There are three Birth Queens in Pollination Technician 9's, family tree.

Other LanguagesEdit

Language The Sims 2
English Birth Queen
Brazilian Portuguese Mãe Rainha
Chinese (Simplified) 伯斯 奎恩
Chinese (Traditional) 蜂 女王 / 峰 女王
Czech Matka Královna
Danish Fødsel Dronning
Dutch Geboorte Koningin
European Portuguese Nascimento Rainha
Finnish Kuningatar Emo
French Reine Mère
German G. Burt Queen
Italian Prospera Regina
Japanese バース クイーン
Korean 버스 퀸
Norwegian Fruktbar Hunnskapning
Polish Rodzicielka Królowa
Russian Королева Звёздных (Korol'eva Zvezdnih)
Spanish (Mexico)
Spanish (Spain) Reina Madre
Swedish Avel Drottning
Thai เบิร์ธ ควีน
Colony Drone 2121 - Colony Drone 1000101 - Colony Drone 65535 - Birth Queen - Emperor Xizzle - Pollination Tech#9 Smith - Pollination Technician 7 - Pollination Technician - XY-XY Smith - XHT-F Smith - John Gray - Mary Gray - Stella Terrano - Osiris - Aileen Rauvu

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