• MechaCharizardX

    About a year ago, I made a post about how the Sims 4 ruined the franchise. Reflecting on it now, I see it was very one sided, mainly because I viewed the Sims 2 and 3 as the best games ever. I have now bought the game on sale (I'm still not paying 50 pounds for it) and think that it is has improved since I last played it. First off, they added toddlers. Toddlers, though not my favorite life state, had been an something that I liked to play around with occasionally. I was very salty when they removed them, mainly because there was no point to removing them. But these toddlers may be some of the best in the series. Sims 2 toddlers were hard to look after, Sims 3 toddlers just looked ugly as hell, but these toddlers actually do something rath…

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  • LFCLovers9

    Planned Fanon sims

    August 10, 2017 by LFCLovers9

    Yeffersen Ginting 37 Batak Brown Culinary Baseball Jacket & White Long Pants Hazel
    Goo Ma Lee (only on Get To Work) 32 Chinese Light Detective Business/Worker Suit Grey
    Rikko Sitorus-Hutasoit 30 Batak Light Secret Agent Business/Worker Suit Blue
    Roman Zack 28 Dayak Less Brown Business ??? Dark Brown
    Sharial Aziz bin Zacharie Noor Aziz 43 Malay Tan-Light Culinary ??? Dark Grey
    Paul Sinaga (as Paulius Sinaga) (only on City Living) 52 Batak Light Critic Business/Worker Suit Grey
    Riana Sinaga (as Richtanna Sinaga) 48 Batak Light Writer Teacher Suit Green
    Eileene Sitorus (only on City Living) 26 Batak Light Politican Town Suit Light Blue
    Perty Sambuaga 27 Indonesian-British Light N/A Business/Worker S…

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  • LFCLovers9

    LFCLovers' Intro

    August 8, 2017 by LFCLovers9

    LFCLovers9 is now to go another wiki

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  • Rizkirafu

    Sim's Hunger Games

    August 1, 2017 by Rizkirafu

    So, I just found a site contain "Hunger Game" simulator and I interested to make a "Hunger Game" simulation with my Sim's Tale characters in it.

    Here are the characters I "signed", lol.

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  • Josh was here

    Help im a loser

    June 25, 2017 by Josh was here

    Help me im a loser and i have an unpleasent face. I dont like my face right now. Please help me 

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  • Alue93

    Hi I hope you guys don't mind me posting a link to a download but, for those of you who have become fans of more recent games, have you ever wondered what the original sims game was like? Well wonder no more cause here's a download to a working patched copy of The Sims Complete collection! ^///^!

    Download Here:

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  • Kid Danger (Henry Danger)

    1) My Question Is How Can I Find A Money Seed Tree Because I Want To Grow A Money Tree But I Can't To Find Them In The Game?

    2) I Was Wondering How.Can I Get More Genere To Write?

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  • MrFreeman22286

    I'm getting bored with this cupcake factory and i want to see new factories, like a soda bottler (And a soda brewery skill to go with it) and candy factory.

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  • Srajanpatel

    srajan patel thought

    February 16, 2017 by Srajanpatel
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  • Kid Danger (Henry Danger)

    You Know What If I Played Vasquez Family I Would Use Cheats & Add Friends To The Family Like Rain Leary & Alia Zhang With Elaine Austen,Heather Vasquez & Tyler Vasquez & Unnamed Child. I Would Do The Samething If I Played The Clique Or Rannt Or Landgraab Or Monroe Or That Lady That Lives Where The Nelsons Lives. I Would Use Either Alia Zhang,Elaine Austen,Marie Idaho,Rain Leary,Rita Nelson,River Conner,Sofi Nelson To Make A Good Family. I Hope You Guys Don't Think I'm Crazy. You Know What It Was Kinda Strange When You Lost A Sims Who Like Elaine Austen Or Rain Leary Or Marie Idaho Or Even Alia Zhang & When You Go To Another Part Of Moonlight Bay City & You Would Find Sims That Looks Just Like The Regular Rain Leary Or Marie Idaho & I Have …

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