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Boats are essentially vehicles on the water, first introduced in the expansion pack The Sims 3: Island Paradise. There are two types of boats: normal boats and houseboats. The former one is used only for transport, while the latter is a travel/house hybrid.



A boat in Island Paradise with the Kraken swimming underneath it.

The normal kind of boat can be bought through Buy Mode. There are three main types of boats: paddleboats, sailboats and speedboats. There are also aquasleds, also known as jet skis.

Boats are very similar to cars. Just like a car, a boat requires a space to be mounted on. This is not the parking space the car uses, obviously, but rather a boat trailer (or mooring post). A new interaction that comes with Island Paradise is the ability to purchase a boat or car from a parking lot or boat trailer directly, so you don't have to place them down to buy a boat or car. Note that you still need a trailer to place the boat in the world, or your Sims will just carry them in their inventories.

List of BoatsEdit

Image Name Type Price (§) Speed Fun Fishing
Lazy Dayzy Paddleboat Lazy Dayzy Paddleboat Paddleboat 250 2 - No
Rowboat by Public Domains Rowboat by Public Domains Rowboat 275 1 - Yes
"Slade the Indomitable" Paddleboat "Slade the Indomitable" Paddleboat Paddleboat 300 2 - No
Aqua-Sled Aqua-Sled Jet Ski 475 7 - No
Sailboat by Public Domains Sailboat by Public Domains Sailboat 4,200 5 - Yes
Skimtron Outboard Speedboat Skimtron Outboard Speedboat Speedboat 22,000 8 6 No
Speedboat by Public Domains Speedboat by Public Domains Speedboat 45,000 9 6 No

NPC BoatsEdit

Fishing on rowboat

A Sim fishing on a rowboat

Like their land counterparts, NPCs will use boats to get around from island to island. For example, the newspaper delivery boy/girl will now use the aquasled to reach your houseboat if you are not docked. This also goes for the law enforcement, pizza delivery, repair technician and other service NPCs.

Taxis are also available in boat form, recognized from their yellow color and taxi sign. Sims will use these taxis if they do not have a boat of their own.


Main article: Houseboat

Houseboats are a new type of residential lot. The biggest point that differentiates houseboats from all previous residential lots is that it is mobile. Similar to normal residential lots, Sims are able to build a house upon a platform of which they are allowed to cruise around the seas. Note that these houseboats offer smaller land area to build, but interestingly enough you are not restricted much other than that. There are no restrictions on what you are allowed to put on your houseboats.

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A houseboat in the Island Paradise

An important component of said houseboats is the new houseboat control port. This port, similar to the mailbox and dustbin, is automatically given to you and can be placed anywhere, but not duplicated or deleted. This control port is very important as this is the only way in which you can move your houseboat. To move your houseboat, simply click on the control port and choose "Move Houseboat". You will then be taken to Map View, where you can click the point of interest that you'd like to visit (provided it's in the water).

A glitch with houseboats is Sims will do a lot of teleporting. If your Sim has to work, he or she will teleport to the carpool outside your dock because carpools are land vehicles.

Do not, under any circumstances, delete the platform of the houseboat with testingCheatsEnabled. Doing so will result the game to crash