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Books are items in The Sims series that serve a variety of purposes throughout the different games. They are stored in bookshelves, but Sims can put them down on most surfaces.

The Sims Edit

Books are all identical. Sims can use them to study the mechanical or cooking skills, or to increase the fun motive. Children can study to improve their grades.

Sims will go to a bookcase to get books, but do not put them away. When a Sim is finished with a book, he or she will stand up and the book will simply disappear.

The Sims: Makin' MagicEdit

A Sim's Guide to Cooking
Ts1 a sim's guide to cooking
Why waste precious time and energy trying to follow that cryptic recipe scrawled by your great-great grandmother? The Busy Baker's Association has spent years collecting the best and most popular recipes to make your life that much easier. Printed in large, clear text on plastic coated pages, there's absolutely no better resource for your cooking needs.
Game The Sims: Makin' Magic
Buyable Buy mode
Price §89
Size 1x1 table

The Sims: Makin' Magic introduced a special cookbook that could be purchased in Buy mode. It came on a bookholder, but the book itself could not be removed from the holder. Sims can use the cookbook to look up and cook recipes for special foods, such as pie or cake. This is essential, as using the wrong recipes or the wrong combination of ingredients will always result in a burned, inedible mess.

The Sims 2 Edit

In The Sims 2, there are three books, a romance book, a study book, and a kids book. Sims can use them to study mechanical, cooking, or cleaning, to write in a diary, or to Read a Book, which increases the fun motive. Teens, adults and elders can read to toddlers and children. Young adults on college lots can research from books, which will raise their class performance. Sims who relax on a bed can read in bed, even if a bookcase is not in the same room; if FreeTime is installed, this will build Film and Literature enthusiasm. In The Sims 2: Apartment Life, child or teen Sims can be read to sleep by older Sims, within 1 hour after they get to bed.

When a Sim reads in bed, the book will disappear when they are finished, which is usually when the player cancels the action. Otherwise, books need to be put back in a bookcase, though it doesn't need to be the one they were taken from. Sloppy Sims will usually put books on nearby desks or tables, even if the bookcase is closer, and will put them on the floor if no desk or table is available. Books that have not been put away are clickable; a Sim can be directed to use the book, or to put it away. The player may also click on a bookshelf and select "Put Away All Books", which will direct the selected Sim to put away all books that are not being used. Maids will usually put books away, though a maid will occasionally leave a book lying on a table or floor.

Magazines can be bought and read to alter Sims' interests.

The Seasons expansion pack added Books First for Learning: A Bookshelf of Education as the career reward for the Education career. This bookshelf replaces the study book with "the Golden Book of Cornelius von Schtoop", which allows Sims to study any skill. Players should note that maids will not put away books from this bookshelf if Seasons is the latest expansion pack.[confirmation needed]

In FreeTime, six types of book are added for variety, and "Read..." replaces "Read a Book" in the pie menu. The types of book are Children, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Drama, and Cooking. This feature is carried forward into Apartment Life. Reading Cooking will increase Cuisine enthusiasm[1] while other books will increase Film and Literature enthusiasm. Each book has a unique cover. Reading a Sci-Fi book depletes a Sim's hygiene quickly, a Cuisine book depletes a Sim's hunger quickly, while a Romance book increases a Sim's social need.

Novels are also available in The Sims 2. Sims can purchase 3 existing novels from bookcases on owned business lots in Open for Business. A novel purchased in this way will be in the Sim's inventory. When placing the novels, they will improperly lean on the table or floor, and after a Sim reads them, they will disappear. Sims can put them away in the bookcase, but they will just disappear in the bookcase as well. In FreeTime and Apartment Life, written novels can be customized, and are brought home by the delivery person,[2] and can be read to fulfill the Read a Novel want. Only one copy of a written novel exists, so other families won't find it in their bookcase. The novel is only available if put in a bookcase. If the novel is deleted or given to another family, it will no longer be available in the bookcase, and cannot be retrieved.

The Sims 3 Edit

In The Sims 3, the book system was massively overhauled.

Book Warlock etc

Three different books in The Sims 3.

General BooksEdit

There are a variety of books in The Sims 3, including different genres and books with dramatically different properties such as skill books and compositions. There is a wide variety of possible book covers, and several different sizes. Generally, books have the following properties:

  • Distinct genre/type cover
  • Small/Medium/Large
  • Number of pages
  • Price

Sims can buy many premade books from the bookstore, a rabbit hole found in premade neighborhoods such as Riverview. General books also appear to read in the library.

There are a wide range of premade books that cannot be bought, but are instead gained through opportunities in work or adventures.

In The Sims 3: Into the Future, the books in Oasis Landing are E-Books.

Base Game General BooksEdit

Name Picture Genre Author Page Price
Point Farmer: The Story of Grant Rodiek Book General Autobiography1 Autobiography Waylon Wilsonoff 546 §25
The Warlock of Palladia Book General Fantasy Fantasy Matt Goss 343 §35
Where's Bella? Book General Childrens Children's I.M. Wright 107 §40
The Adventures Of Raymundo Book General Childrens Children's Ray Mazza 299 §50
Murder in Pleasantview Book General Mystery Mystery Alexander Goth 391 §65
A Magnetic Attraction Book General Romance Trashy Grant Rodiek 310 §80
Commitment Issues Book General Drama Drama Harvey Williams 407 §130
Stragedy and Other Messterpieces Book General Humor Humor Gat Moss 327 §135
Zombies? Zombies! Book General SciFi Science Fiction Robert Mankowitz 1,198 §180
Abstract with Turkey Book General Fiction Fiction Cecil Wilson 413 §210
Unicorns for Audrey Book General Fantasy Fantasy S.C. Gastern 408 §210
Exit at Powell Book General Humor Satire Len Jean 676 §230
GPod Book General SciFi Science Fiction Wayne Smug 225 §250
The Economy Book General Autobiography Political Memoir James McLiteralson 405 §310
How to Spin Plates Book General NonFiction Non-Fiction Hannon Grey 202 §360
Game of Thorns Book General Mystery Mystery Guy le Frace 309 §405
The Crumplebottom Legacy: A Tale Book General History Historical Terri Ledonur 301 §480
I'm Still Cool Book General Humor1 Humor Leonard Prosper 653 §535
Thunking Book General Fiction Fiction T. Wilson 142 §580
Llama Rights Book General History1 Historical Peter Siren 438 §610
Special Snowflake Book General Romance Romance Harvest Rain Song 275 §705
On the Margins Book General Humor Satire Willy Magnusson 212 §780
The Point of Pointilism Book General NonFiction Non-Fiction Sebastian Humorsbane 235 §875
Not Expecting Much Book General Vaudeville Vaudeville Charlie Richards 299 §940
The Noble History of Socks Book General Autobiography1 Autobiography Linus Becket 601 §1,000

Base Game Opportunity BooksEdit

Name Career/
Page Level
The Wright Papers Business 225
The Goth Account Business 301
Landgraab Financial Business 242
Caffeine Culture Business 150 1
Going Paperless Business 190 2
Bloviation on Hyper Inflation Business 212 3
You Are Special Business 269 4
Limiting Liability Business 310 5
Woes of Whistleblowing Business 359 6
Yay Tax Shelters! Business 391 7
ABC's of Downsizing Business 412 8
Dos and Don'ts of the Dons Criminal 116 1
Adapting to the Wallet Environment Criminal 183 2
From Goon to Guido: Thuggery Evolved Criminal 191 3
Make Em' Pay Criminal 202 4
Losing the Huckster Label Criminal 245 5
Snake Oil and Other Sound Investment Strategies Criminal 312 6
Advanced Combinatorials Criminal 383 7
Making Yourself Indispensable Criminal 403 8
The Mythical Hot Tin Roof Criminal 475 9
Hostile Takeover: When to Make the Move Criminal 512 10
Secrets of The Master Chef Culinary 354
Street or Sidewalk?, A Cautionary Tale Journalism 164 1
Faster Checking Through the Power of Word Processing! Journalism 174 2
Avoiding Plagiarism Journalism 208 3
From Notepad to Laptop Journalism 227 4
101 Ways to Be Vague Journalism 395 5
The Finer Points of Yellow Journalism Journalism 431 6
Fronts and Barometrics: Excellence Through Jargon Journalism 568 7
(sic) and Its Use In Important Stories Journalism 642 8
How To Fix It When News Breaks Journalism 712 9
How to Avoid Concrete Shoes Law Enforcement 139 1
More Out Than In: Maintaining Proper Desk Environment Law Enforcement 181 2
Advanced Whistle Techniques Law Enforcement 206 3
Protect, Serve And Look Good Doing It Law Enforcement 224 4
Free Donuts and Other Great Leadership Tips Law Enforcement 267 5
How Not to Be Seen Law Enforcement 299 5
Keep 'Em Guessing Law Enforcement 306 6
Effective Luminol Spraying Techniques Law Enforcement 378 7
Avoiding Squint Jargon for Better Communication Law Enforcement 444 8
The Gift of Life Medical 222 1
Better Out Than In Medical 175 2
Respecting the Ambulance Medical 317 3
Blood Is Not Blue Medical 197 4
The 36 Hour Shift And You Medical 301 5
The Golden Hour Medical 276 6
The ATGCs of Genetics Medical 178 7
The Simmania Pandemic Medical 255 8
Grey Matters Medical 350 9
Getting Out of the Pit Military 150 1
Advanced Elbow Lubricant Techniques Military 197 2
Learning to Speak Officer Military 203 3
Learn to Fly In 21 Days Military 277 4
Dealing With Whining From Engines and Pilots Military 299 5
How to Take the Ugly for the Team Military 375 6
Beyond the Aviator Glasses Military 422 7
Herding Cats Military 502 8
Coping With Geese and Vipers Military 536 9
Getting Noticed in a Sea of Fans Music 170 1
Life on the Hard Rocky Road Music 187 2
Don't Upstage the Band Music 199 3
Herding Cats: Music Edition Music 214 4
Diamonds in the Rough Music 256 5
It’s More than Rhyme Books Music (Electronic Rock!) 19 6
True Symphonic Synergy Music (Symphonic) 377 6
Developing Good Rock Habits Music (Electronic Rock!) 8
Legends Of Rock Music (Electronic Rock!) 9
Improving Conductivity Between Brass and Woodwinds Music (Symphonic) 612 9
Wax Until There's No More Politics 140 1
Cheating With Chads Politics 170 2
The Joy of Smear Campaigning Politics 192 3
There Is No "No" Politics 216 4
Taze Gently Politics 234 5
An Earmark Economy Politics 267 6
Yay Pork Barrels! Politics 288 7
Gerrymandapalooza! Politics 301 8
A Free Free Free World Politics 401 9
When to Rave And When to Riot Professional Sports 144 1
Making the Sale: From Hot Dogs to Foam Fingers Professional Sports 151 2
Dealing With Difficult Players Professional Sports 171 2
Bus Cramps: A Cautionary Tale Professional Sports 218 4
Getting Past the Draft Professional Sports 244 5
Name Positioning: Starting Your Brand Professional Sports 304 6
It's More Than Good Moves Professional Sports 364 7
Making Better Shoe Deals Professional Sports 388 9
Avoiding the Downward Spiral Professional Sports 412 10
Living With Mutation Science 146 1
Dangerous Device Disposal Science 178 2
Practical Science From Boast to Beaker Science 208 3
Nitrates: They're Not Just for Bombs Anymore Science 238 4
Strange Correlations of Little Shops and Venus Science 274 5
When Pigs Fly, Going Too Far? Science 326 6
Goldfish, Piranha and Other Friendly Creatures Science 367 7
Advanced Deniability Procedures Science 401 8
The Evolution of the Robo-Llama Science 456 9

World Adventures General BooksEdit

Name Picture Genre Author Page Price Country
Jimmy Sprocket and the Cave of the Dragon Book General China1 Children's Chin-Han Ping 142 §486 China
Toddlers and Chopsticks Book General China2 Children's Lucanja Voit 178 §628 China
Planet Beeboz Book General China1 Science Fiction An Yu Shu 408 §810 China
The Year of the Llama Book General China2 Non-Fiction Shum Lin 170 §933 China
The Dragon's Age Book General China2 Fantasy Rui Yi 350 §966 China
The Life and Times of Mr. Chan Book General China2 Historical Sifu Lu 197 §1,210 China
Li Bing and the King's Daughter Book General China2 Fiction Leslie Chui 140 §1,311 China
Imperial Military Tactics Book General China1 Non-Fiction Leh-Lin Chan 327 §1,323 China
Terracotta Bodyguard II Book General China2 Fiction Leh-Lin Chan 276 §1,355 China
Raymundo the Dragon Book General China1 Fantasy Leslie Chui 220 §1,385 China
The Rice Tourist's Companion Book General China1 Non-Fiction Rui Yi 180 §1,439 China
How Rain Built the World Book General China1 Historical Shum Lip 222 §1,906 China
A Wall Between Us Book General China1 Romance Po Sin Wang 175 §2,009 China
How to Handle Fireworks: Lessons from a Man with No Fingers Book General China2 Non-Fiction Chin-Han Ping 301 §2,135 China
Sim Fu: Jumping Kicks Book General China1a Non-Fiction Sifu Lu 676 §2,224 China
The Memoirs of Chin Han Book General China1 Historical Dingbang Ho 317 §2,297 China
Fishing for the Moon Book General China2 Non-Fiction Po Sin Wang 192 §2,394 China
The International Reader of Fried Rice Book General China2 Non-Fiction An Yu Shu 255 §2,469 China
Noodles! And Sauerkraut! Book General China1 Non-Fiction Lucanja Voit 301 §2,471 China
The Dragon Ripple Book General China2 Fantasy Dingbang Ho 216 §2,475 China
The Price of Treasure Book General Egypt2 Mystery Sefu Yahya 225 §200 Egypt
Ra! Ra! Ra! Book General Egypt1 Fiction Kneph Mbizi 212 §355 Egypt
South of The Simhara Book General Egypt1 Non-Fiction Sefu Yayha 107 §462 Egypt
Are You My Mummy? Book General Egypt1 Humor Sana Rabbani 309 §514 Egypt
From Dead to Mummy: The History of Healing Book General Egypt1 Historical Malik Najam 202 §567 Egypt
The Keystone's Countertpart Book General Egypt2 Fiction Gyasi Hamedi 413 §788 Egypt
Do I Exist? Book General Egypt2 Satire Kneph Mbizi 310 §842 Egypt
Thread Count Book General Egypt2a Non-Fiction Omari Nebibi 1,198 §1,111 Egypt
The Legend of Queen Nosylla and King Nayr Book General Egypt1a Drama Hasan Khamoosh 653 §1,280 Egypt
Advanced Facial Expressions Book General Egypt2a Non-Fiction Sana Rabbani 546 §1,515 Egypt
Tomb Raiding for Toddlers: What to Know Book General Egypt2 Non-Fiction Ishaq Jafari 407 §1,544 Egypt
The Mummy in Love Book General Egypt2 Romance Amon "Joe" Ra 391 §1,816 Egypt
The Sand Mirage Book General Egypt1a Non-Fiction Gyasi Hamedi 601 §1,819 Egypt
A Guide to Desert Stick Pokey Book General Egypt2 Non-Fiction Malik Najam 405 §1,851 Egypt
Jimmy Sprocket and the Mummy's Curse Book General Egypt1 Children's Omari Nebibi 299 §2,002 Egypt
Free Kicks, Hard Tackles, and Red Cards Book General Egypt2 Non-Fiction Hasan Khamoosh 343 §2,210 Egypt
Thats a Wrap!: The True Life Story of the First Mummy Film Director Book General Egypt1 Non-Fiction Amon "Joe" Ra 275 §2,226 Egypt
The River that Sustains Us Book General Egypt1 Non-Fiction Irfan 438 §2,253 Egypt
A Good Shawarma Book General Egypt1 Humor Ishaq Jafari 235 §2,275 Egypt
Flo and Her Kenspa Book General France1 Fiction Jean-Paul Zanon 244 §109 France
Where's the Soup Book General France1 Humor Amelie Agace 274 §164 France
The White Flag of Victory Book General France1 Historical Dominique Collin 146 §422 France
Avant-garde Literature for the Masses Book General France2 Fiction Jerome Philippine 144 §484 France
Mr. McKay's Photographics Book General France1 Historical Marie Chuc 388 §487 France
Shadow of the Tower Book General France2 Mystery Marie Chuc 301 §528 France
French Toast, French Fries, and French Kissing Book General France2 Satire Margaux Gigi 171 §569 France
Gibson's Delight Book General France2 Non-Fiction Dominique Collin 120 §577 France
The Curator's Lost Museum Book General France1 Mystery Margaux Gigi 238 §663 France
Une Historie de Champs Les Sims Book General France1 Non-Fiction Marion Catania 208 §725 France
Fashion Advice for Hermits Book General France2 Humor Marion Catania 151 §945 France
The Case of the Red Bicycle Book General France2 Mystery Soozie Bretagne 288 §988 France
Film Noir or Just Black and White? Book General France1 Non-Fiction Jerome Philippine 178 §1,156 France
Crepes et Cidres Book General France2 Non-Fiction Gilbert Tomber 267 §1,350 France
Jimmy Sprocket and the Chalice of Nectar Book General France2 Children's Amelie Agace 218 §1,376 France
Field of Sims Book General France1 Fiction Gilbert Tomber 304 §1,663 France
Phillipe's Monuments Book General France2 Historical Dionne Paureau 401 §1,768 France
Le Velo de Tate Book General France1 Fiction Dionne Paureau 412 §1,968 France
For the Love of Nectar Book General France1 Non-Fiction Soozie Bretagne 364 §2,100 France

World Adventures Opportunity BooksEdit

Name Opportunity Page
Questionable Romantic Foods
The Saga of the Three Relics [3]

Ambitions Opportunity BooksEdit

Name Career/
Page Level
How to Run Recess Education 150 1
The ABCDFs of Grading Education 190 2
Substitutes - There is no Substitute Education 212 3
Molding Young Minds Education 269 4
Teenage Rebellion and You Education 310 5
Standardized Test Standards Education 359 6
Designing the Perfect Syllabus Education 391 7
The Principles of Principals Education 412 8
Book Reports Education 225
Tests Education 150
College Essays Education 305

Ambitions Past BooksEdit

Name Genre Author Page Price
Fire: Terrifying but Essential Non-Fiction Herg Mammoth Slayer 301 §751
Plague and Pestilence Fiction Sir Pembrook Pennington 244 §1,109
Men are From Tar Pits, Women from Sabertooth Den Non-Fiction Herg Mammoth Slayer 288 §1,188
To Hunt or to Gather? Children's Tug Tug 218 §1,376
1000 Ways to Stew Brontosaurus Fiction Thag 144 §1,484
Sul Sul: Trapped in Tar Satire Tug Tug 171 §1,569
Lady Veronica Farfleton and the Magical Harpsichord Non-Fiction Sir Nardone 120 §1,577
War and More War Fiction Sir Pembrook Pennington 304 §1,663
The Four Corners of the Earth Humor Thag 151 §1,945
The Fall of Atlantis. Historical Sir Nardone 401 §2,068

Ambitions Future BooksEdit

Name Genre Author Page Price
Mars Real Estate Dos and Don'ts Children's Grant Rodiek XXIV 178 §828
So Hot in Binary Fantasy Candace Worthington 350 §1,266
Blips and Bloops: A Thesis on Mechanics Non-Fiction Dr. Fizzleworth 170 §1,331
SimCity 7940 Tips and Tricks Non-Fiction RX2249 Jones 267 §1,552
Gone with the Solar Wind Fiction Dr. Fizzleworth 140 §1,611
Don't Tread on Me: A Robot Manifesto for Freedom Non-Fiction RX2249 Jones 234 §1,633
Farmed: A Legacy of Eight Billion Points Fiction Grant Rodiek XXIV 276 §1,655
Remembering the Internet: How the World was Changed Non-Fiction Lord 5000 192 §2,754
Signs You're a Clone Non-Fiction Candace Worthington 255 §2,769
The New Ice Age Fantasy Lord 5000 216 §2,975

Late Night Opportunity BooksEdit

Name Career/
Page Level
How To Get Noticed by Not Being Seen Film 150 1
Film's Most Mysterious Crew Member Film 190 2
The Key to Being a Key Grip Film 212 3
Dealing With Divas Film 269 4
What To Do When Your Set Catches Fire Film 310 5
Looking Into the Camera: Don't Do It Film (Acting) 359 6
Panel By Panel: The Art of Storyboarding Film (Directing) 359 6
How to Steal Scenes from the Lead Without Even Trying Film (Acting) 412 8
Fade To Black and Other Overused Devices Film (Directing) 412 9

Supernatural General BooksEdit

Name Picture Author Genre Page Price
One Wolf, Two Wolves. Where Wolf? There Wolf! Book General SN1 Hans L.Geisel Children's 32 §25
Ballard's Ballads Book General SN2 Christina Ballard Poetry 120 §60
Haute Knights Book General SN2 Butch Andrews Trashy 300 §65
More Bawdy Tales Book General SN2 Butch Andrews Trashy 300 §65
Plan 8 from Lunar Lakes Book General SN2 Woody Edwards Science Fiction 280 §70
Baron Graff Van Gould Book General SN1 Alexander Goth Biography 365 §75
Catch A Magic Fish, Cook a Magic Meal Book General SN2 Mel Neilson Non-Fiction 136 §90
Under Siege and Ogre Powered Book General SN1 Mercedes Salazar Fantasy 198 §95
True Fairy Tales Book General SN1a Chauncey Grimm Children's 125 §100
White Mountain Haikus Book General SN2 Fumiko Yamashiro Poetry 75 §100
The Wight Wail Book General SN1 Mel Neilson Drama 275 §100
Who Do Vampires Suck? Book General SN2 Cole Stoker Non-Fiction 162 §100
The Sandwich Horror Book General SN1 Howard L.Phelps Horror 184 §100
Logical Fallacies You Can Really Believe Book General SN2 Araceli Doucet Non-Fiction 239 §105
Germ Warfare Book General SN1 General Malaise Non-Fiction 285 §115
The Silence of the Llamas Book General SN2 Harrison J.Thomas Horror 196 §120
Seances and Sixth Sense Abilities Book General SN2 Jane Houston Romance 349 §120
The Secret History of Lost Lemuria Book General SN1 Grigori Blavatsky Historical 234 §120
Breaking Wind Book General SN1 Steven Meiers Humor 358 §125
Things That Go Bump In The Night Book General SN2 Topher Stubbs Non-Fiction 383 §130
Loafing, Whining, and Thou Book General SN2 Donna LeFromage Poetry 210 §130
Hotel Diavolo: Hell's Bellhops Book General SN2 Tabitha K.Stephens Horror 313 §130
Accumulating Orgone With The Wind Book General SN2 Peter Reich Non-Fiction 412 §135
Spellslinger: Have Wand, Will Travel Book General SN1 Tabitha K.Stephens Fiction 436 §135
Predictions Of The Future Book General SN2 I.M.Wright Non-Fiction 473 §140
Compendium of Curses Book General SN1 Hrithik Dixit Non-Fiction 698 §150
Loel and Lola Book General SN1 Louise S.Robertson Horror 475 §150
The Epic of the Tattered Trousers Book General SN2 Euripides Poetry 600 §150
Inappropriate Manor Book General SN1 Brittany Aaron Mystery 572 §155
How To Win At Videogames Without Really Trying Book General SN2 Henry Ryan Non-Fiction 720 §180

University Life General BooksEdit

Name Picture Author Genre Page Price
Basic Body Types and The Sports That Love Them Book General Sport7 Billy Jean Sparks 260 §30
Grafittiology: The Rhythm and Poetry of Art Book General FineArts Christina Ballard 648 §35
Which is Better, Pen or Pencil? It's a Draw! Book General FineArts Francis Parks 368 §40
The Ultimate Guide To Overhyping Sensationalism Book General Communication Stan Powers 624 §45
Computer Short Cuts and Circuit Boards Book General Technology Job Stephens 1,024 §45
Green Genes: Planting Information Book General Science Herb Gardner 750 §45
The Dreams of Jerome Book General Sport6 Jason Pittler Sports 134 §50
Odes to Science Book General Poetry1 Araceli Doucet Poetry 150 §50
Motorology: Get Your Engine Running Book General Technology Shelby Gere 2,048 §55
Spinning Mass Hysteria Book General Communication Ben Gleck 139 §55
Technology for Luddites Book General NonFiction2 Araceli Doucet Non-Fiction 180 §60
Understanding The Power of Print Book General Communication Bill Hearst 190 §60
Discovering Your Own Intelligence Book General Science Araceli Doucet 500 §60
Money Suits For Money Business Book General Business Hugo Vanderbilt 400 §65
Exposology: Introduction to Denouement Book General Communication Carrie Wack 356 §70
Hymn of Festive Stone Book General Poetry2 Elle. M.Effayo Poetry 210 §70
Exploring The Microscopic World Book General Science Ishmael Smirnoff 1,000 §75
Preparation for Professional Sports Book General Sport9 Duke Howell Sports 246 §75
Passive Plays that Play Book General Sport1 Martin McFreed Sports 234 §75
Physically Fit To Be Tied Book General NonFiction3 Billy Jean Sparks Non-Fiction 240 §75
A Blueprint of Modern Technology Book General Technology Lewis Rodgers 256 §75
The Principles Of Avoiding Expenditures Book General Business Penny Pinscher 500 §80
Swish, Dribble, Swish Book General Sport4 Derek D.Dublin Sports 275 §80
Core Coed Curriculum Book General Trashy Butch Andrews Trashy 270 §80
Forensic Models: Learning From Simulations Book General Technology Henry Ryan 512 §80
Reflexology: Training More Than Muscle Memories Book General Sport7 Duke Howell 430 §85
Cosmology: The Universe Is A Really Really Big Place Book General Science Tyson O'Neil 1,250 §85
Humanities: Form, Fashion, and Function Book General FineArts Thomas Harper 792 §85
Fine Arts Course Materials Book General NonFiction4 Francis Parks Non-Fiction 300 §90
Play Smarter: Diet And Exercise is for Wimps Book General Sport7 Jason Pittler 1,370 §90
Criminalology: Best Practices Of Competitive Economics Book General Business Dick Anson 600 §95
Trash is Treasure: Finding Art and Keeping Art Book General FineArts Mel Neilson 1,679 §95
The Business of Building A Better Business Building Book General Business Chester Rockefeller 300 §95
The Vampire Blogs Book General SciFi1 J.L.Conners 333 §95
Sports Almanac of the Century Book General Sport3 Joe C.Ribbons Sports 345 §100
It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It Book General Communication Martin Archibald 725 §105
Zombies Ate My Plants Book General Fantasy1 Herb Gardner Fantasy 360 §110
Day of the Plantsims Book General Horror Lucas Wyndham Horror 390 §120
Peace, Protest and Herbs Book General Fiction Donna LeFromage Poetry 420 §130
The Player's Journey Book General Sport2 Sabrina Star Sports 423 §130
AutoBiology: Know Your Body Book General NonFiction5 Lewis Rodgers Non-Fiction 450 §135
Training in the Rain Book General Sport8 Candy Swoonson Sports 488 §140
Taking the Ball Home Book General Sport5 Francis P.Ruvin Sports 561 §145
I Found This University Book General History Hugo Vanderbilt Historical 600 §160
What Do You Mean By Communication? Book General NonFiction1 Martin Archibald Non-Fiction 720 §170
Business Law Book General NonFiction6 Chester Rockefeller Non-Fiction 900 §180

Written BooksEdit

Main article: Writing

Sims learning the Writing skill can produce books, some of which are only accessible under certain conditions. Books produced by writer Sims will also be classified as either flops, normal, hit, or best seller. Sims rummaging through garbage will often find copies of flops. Books that Sims have written are available in the library, but can only be bought privately in multiple copies through a menu on a Sim's Writing skill journal.

Conditions for Getting Certain BooksEdit

Genre Requirement Average Length Expected Royalties Royalty[4][5] Royalty / page Approx. Income range Bonus Trait
Fiction Writing Skill Level 0 90 § §137 §1.53 §20-130
Non-Fiction Writing Skill Level 0 90 § §137 §1.53 §20-130
Science Fiction Writing Skill Level 1 or Level 0 with ComputerWhiz trait 150 § §325 §2.17 up to §300+- Computer Whiz, Genius
Trashy Writing Skill Level 2 or Level 0 with Inappropriate trait 190 § §395 §2.08
Drama Writing Skill Level 3 305 §§ §858 §2.81 up to §600+- Commitment Issues
Humor Writing Skill Level 5 or Level 3 with Good Sense of Humor trait 345 §§ §1,388 §4.02 up to §550+- Good Sense of Humour, Inappropriate, Mean Spirited
Mystery Writing Skill Level 8 510 §§§ §1,633 §3.26 up to §1300+- Genius
Romance Writing Skill Level 10 or Level 5 with Hopeless Romantic trait 675 §§§§ §3,725 §5.52 up to §3100+- Hopeless Romantic
Children's Writing Skill Level 3 AND Painting skill Level 4 105 § §450 §4.29 up to §460 approx Artistic, Childish, Family Oriented
Historical Writing Skill Level 6 AND Requires the Elder Age 505 §§§ §1,625 §3.25 §1,286 approx. Perfectionist
Auto-Biography 3 Biography (From Skill Opportunity) 163 §§§ §813 §2.03 Charismatic, Unlucky, Daredevil, Insane, Kleptomaniac
Fantasy 3 Sci-Fi Books 440 §§§ §1,650 §3.75 up to §1350+-
Satire 3 Humor 350 §§§ §1,900 §5.43 Grumpy, Hot-Headed, Over-Emotional
Vaudeville 2 Sci-Fi, 2 Drama, 2 Humor, 2 Mystery, 2 Romance 1250 §§§§ §8,050 §6.44 up to §6,000+ Bookworm
Masterpiece 25 Novels 2000 §§§§§ §14,625 §7.31 §10,000 to §15,000+
Life Story From Top Level Career Opportunity 400 §§§ §2,000 §5.00
Political Memoir(Political Life Story) From Political Career Opportunity 400 §§§ §2,000 §5.00
Article (Story/Review) Journalist Level 3 79 none §218 §2.75
Report Law Enforcement Level 4 ?? none
Books with Asian-style covers[TS3:WA]
Either travel to Shang Simla Market and buy one, or have a Sim with the Asian Culture hidden trait write books until they get one.
Books with French-style covers[TS3:WA]
Either travel to Circle of Knowledge Bookstore and buy one, or have a Sim with the French Culture hidden trait write books until they get one.
Books with Egyptian-style covers[TS3:WA]
Either travel to Al Simhara Market and buy one, or have a Sim with the Egyptian Culture hidden trait write books until they get one.

There several kinds of special books, all of which have properties beyond those of general books.

Skill booksEdit

Skill books basic

Three skill books in The Sims 3

Skill books have three levels, and can be too easy - or too advanced - for Sims to read depending on their skill level. Sims can find basic skill books at the library, but more advanced books need to be bought at the bookstore or at a market. Level one skill books will raise a Sim's skill up to a maximum of level three.

Base Game Skill BooksEdit

Name Picture Level Page Price
Charisma Vol.1: Fixing the Friend Problem Book Skills Charisma1 0 180 §350
Charisma Vol.2: Talking to Anyone Book Skills Charisma2 3 201 §500
Charisma Vol.3: Becoming Irresistible Book Skills Charisma3 6 117 §750
Cooking Vol.1: Too much Salt! Book Skills Cooking1 0 199 §50
Cooking Vol.2: Why You Need Baking Soda Book Skills Cooking2 3 203 §500
Cooking Vol.3: Yummy and Delicious Book Skills Cooking3 6 225 §750
Gardening Vol.1: The Watercan Chronicles Book Skills Gardening1 0 250 §350
Gardening Vol.2: Odor Free Fertilizer Book Skills Gardening2 3 276 §500
Gardening Vol.3: Gardening to Riches Book Skills Gardening3 6 281 §750
Handiness Vol.1: Unplug It First! Book Skills Handiness1 0 200 §50
Handiness Vol.2: Turn off the Water! Book Skills Handiness2 3 211 §500
Handiness Vol.3: Puddles and Electricity Don't Mix Book Skills Handiness3 6 297 §750
Logic Vol.1: Knight vs. Bishops Book Skills Logic1 0 299 §50
Logic Vol.2: To Xor or Not Xor Book Skills Logic2 3 340 §500
Logic Vol.3: 3.14159265 Book Skills Logic3 6 323 §750

World Adventures Skill BooksEdit

These skill books are only found in markets in World Adventures sub-neighborhoods

Name Picture Level Page Price Country
Martial Arts Vol. 1: Wax on Philosophic Book Skills Martial Arts1 0 199 §50 China
Photography Vol. 1: Taking off the Lens Cap Book Skills Photography1 0 199 §50 Egypt
L'amour de Nectar: An Introductory Reader Book Skills Nectar Making1 0 199 §50 France
Nectar Making: The Culture, The Lifestyle Book Skills Nectar Making2 3 203 §500 France
Advanced Nectarology Book Skills Nectar Making3 6 225 §750 France

Ambitions Skill BooksEdit

Name Picture Level Page Price
Inventing Vol. 1: Nuts and Bolts Book Skills Inventing1 0 §50
Inventing Vol. 2: Create & Detonate Book Skills Inventing2 3 §500
Inventing Vol. 3: Inside the Robot Mind Book Skills Inventing3 6 §750

Late Night Skill BooksEdit

Name Picture Level Page Price
Mixology Vol. 1: It's All in the Pour Book Skills Mixology1 0 §50
Mixology Vol. 2: Shaken or Stirred? That is the question! Book Skills Mixology2 3 §500
Mixology Vol. 3: Strategic drink mixing for professionals Book Skills Mixology3 6 §750

Pets Skill BooksEdit

Name Picture Level Page Price
Riding Vol. 1: Zen and the Art of Not Falling Off a Horse Book Skills Riding1 0 180 §50
Riding Vol. 2: The Galloping Guru Book Skills Riding2 3 201 §500
Riding Vol. 3: Sunsets and Other Fun Things to Ride Into Book Skills Riding3 6 177 §750

Supernatural Skill BooksEdit

Name Picture Level Page Price
Alchemy Vol. 1: Alchemy Basic Book Skills Alchemy1 0 199 §50
Alchemy Vol. 2: Secret Motions and Super Potions Book Skills Alchemy2 3 204 §500
Alchemy Vol. 3: Omnimustericon: The Ultimate Book of Shadows Book Skills Alchemy3 6 225 §750

University Life Skill BooksEdit

Name Picture Level Page Price
Science Vol.1: Chew The Fact Book Skills Science1 0 199 §50
Science Vol.2: Quantum Genetics Book Skills Science2 3 203 §500
Science Vol.3: Replicating Nature Artificially Book Skills Science3 6 225 §750
Social Networking Vol.1: The Zen Of Blogging Book Skills Social Networking1 0 199 §50
Social Networking Vol.2: Cyber-stalking And You Book Skills Social Networking2 3 203 §500
Social Networking Vol.3: Strictly Online Relationships Book Skills Social Networking3 6 225 §750
Street Art Vol.1: The Word On The Street Book Skills Street Art1 0 199 §50
Street Art Vol.2: Don't Say It, Spray It! Book Skills Street Art2 3 203 §500
Street Art Vol.3: Urban Makeovers Book Skills Street Art3 6 225 §750

Into the Future Skill BooksEdit

Name Picture Level Page Price
Bot Building Vol. 1: Integrated Circuits and You Book Skills BotBuilding1 0 199 §50
Bot Building Vol. 2: A.I. for Dummies Book Skills BotBuilding2 3 203 §500
Bot Building Vol. 3: In Case of Uprising Book Skills BotBuilding3 6 225 §750

Childhood Development BooksEdit

Childhood development books are mini-skill books for Toddler Sims.

They are also a way for players to improve the chances they will get to choose a trait for the Sim when it ages up into a Child.

Skills learned from these books will not appear in the skill panel until the Sim ages up, and Sims can only learn three points in any particular skill from these books.

Books written in the Children's genre do not have the same effects as these books.

Name Picture Skill Page Price
Jimmy Sprocket and the Squishy Stone Book Childrens Jimmy None 6 §50
Jimmy Sprocket and the Chalice of Lichens Book Childrens Jimmy None 10 §125
Jimmy Sprocket the Escape from Funland Book Childrens Jimmy None 15 §210
Counting for Those Who Cannot Book Childrens Logic Logic 6 §50
Squares are Not Triangles Book Childrens Logic Logic 10 §125
Being Smart for Fun and Profit Book Childrens Logic Logic 15 §210
Finger Painting 101 Book Childrens Art Painting 6 §50
Handprints of the Masters Book Childrens Art Painting 10 §125
Don't Stay Within the Lines Book Childrens Art Painting 15 §210
Bluish Eggs with Side of Pastrami Book Childrens Writing Writing 6 §50
Frank I'm Not Book Childrens Writing Writing 10 §125
Oh the Destinations You'll Briefly Visit Book Childrens Writing Writing 15 §210

Pregnancy booksEdit

Pregnancy books look like general books and can be used as such by non-pregnant Sims. However, if a Sim is pregnant then reading from these books improves the outcome of the pregnancy.

Better pregnancies make it more likely that a player can choose the new baby's traits at birth (bad pregancies result in random traits).

Name Picture Genre Page Price
Totally Preggers: An Expecting Mother's Tale Book General Pregnancy1 Non-Fiction 180 §200
Baby Incoming: Preparing with Vigilance Book General Pregnancy Non-Fiction 220 §300


A composition is a book of sheet music that lets Sims learn new songs for the Guitar, Drums, Piano and Bass skills. Once a Sim finishes reading one of these books, it will disappear completely and need to be bought all over again for other Sims.

Base Game CompositionsEdit

Name Picture Instrument Level Page Price
Level 5: Yes Ma'am, I Do Book Skills Music Guitar Yellow Guitar 5 30 §100
Level 6: Flamenco Fever Book Skills Music Guitar Yellow Guitar 6 60 §250
Level 7: Perfect Moment Book Skills Music Guitar Red Guitar 7 90 §425
Level 8: Improvise Here and Now Book Skills Music Guitar Red Guitar 8 120 §600
Level 9: Dream Escape Book Skills Music Guitar Blue Guitar 9 150 §1,400

Late Night CompositionsEdit

Name Picture Instrument Level Page Price
Level 5: In My Truck Book Skills Music Bass Yellow Bass 5 30 §100
Level 6: Cha Cha Cha Ching Book Skills Music Bass Yellow Bass 6 60 §250
Level 7: Subway Glances Book Skills Music Bass Red Bass 7 90 §425
Level 8: Feeling Cheated Book Skills Music Bass Red Bass 8 120 §600
Level 9: Gobo Trance Book Skills Music Bass Blue Bass 9 150 §1,400
Level 5: Howdy! Means Hello Book Skills Music Drum Yellow Drums 5 30 §100
Level 6: Dancing Duel Book Skills Music Drum Yellow Drums 6 60 §250
Level 7: If Only I Had Known Book Skills Music Drum Red Drums 7 90 §425
Level 8: Be Bob Blues Book Skills Music Drum Red Drums 8 120 §600
Level 9: The Awesome Song Book Skills Music Drum Blue Drums 9 150 §1,400
Level 5: Summer Hayrides Book Skills Music Piano Yellow Piano 5 30 §100
Level 6: Nicholas's Fresco Impromptu Book Skills Music Piano Yellow Piano 6 60 §250
Level 7: Wilkinson's Bay Sonata Book Skills Music Piano Red Piano 7 90 §425
Level 8: Peanut Butter and Jelly Blues Book Skills Music Piano Red Piano 8 120 §600
Level 9: Roland Forebearance Book Skills Music Piano Blue Piano 9 150 §1,400

Into the Future CompositionsEdit

Name Picture Instrument Level Page Price
Level 5: Better Plucky Than Good Book Skills Music Laser Purple Laser Rhythm-a-con 5 30 §100
Level 6: Dungeon Crawler Book Skills Music Laser Brown Laser Rhythm-a-con 6 60 §250
Level 7: The Chattering Classes Book Skills Music Laser Blue Laser Rhythm-a-con 7 60 §425
Level 8: Ghost on the Moors Book Skills Music Laser Red Laser Rhythm-a-con 8 60 §600
Level 9: Whistle while you Twerk Book Skills Music Laser Red Laser Rhythm-a-con 9 60 §1,400

Recipe BooksEdit

A recipe is a book that lets Sims learn new dishes for the Cooking skill.
Once a Sim finishes reading one of these books, it will disappear completely and need to be bought all over again for other Sims.

Base Game Recipe BooksEdit

Name Picture Level Page Price
Ratatouille Book Skills Cooking Recipe Blue 1 30 §25
Fish and Chips Book Skills Cooking Recipe Blue 3 45 §50
Cookies Book Skills Cooking Recipe Blue 3 60 §100
Fruit Parfait Book Skills Cooking Recipe Blue 4 75 §200
Cheesesteak Book Skills Cooking Recipe Brown 5 90 §300
Cobbler Book Skills Cooking Recipe Brown 6 105 §400
Eggs Machiavellian Book Skills Cooking Recipe Brown 7 120 §580
Tri-Tip steak Book Skills Cooking Recipe Green 8 135 §650
Stuffed Turkey Book Skills Cooking Recipe Green 9 155 §800
Baked Angel Food Cake Book Skills Cooking Recipe Green 10 180 §1,000
Ambrosia Book Skills Cooking Recipe Green 10 360 §12,000

World Adventures Recipe BooksEdit

These recipe books are only found in markets in World Adventures sub-neighborhoods

Name Picture Level Page Price Country
Cheese Plate Book Skills Cooking Recipe Purple 1 100 §100 France
Shawarma Book Skills Cooking Recipe Beige 1 95 §325 Egypt
Egg Rolls Book Skills Cooking Recipe Red 2 95 §325 China
Bouillabaisse Book Skills Cooking Recipe Purple 3 100 §100 France
Frogs Legs Book Skills Cooking Recipe Purple 3 160 §900 France
Falafel Book Skills Cooking Recipe Beige 5 110 §475 Egypt
Stir-Fry Book Skills Cooking Recipe Red 6 75 §200 China
Crepes Book Skills Cooking Recipe Purple 8 120 §540 France

Showtime Recipe BooksEdit

Name Picture Level Page Price
Vegetarian Fish and Chips Book Skills Cooking Recipe Blue 3 45 §50
Fried Peanut Butter & Banana Sandwich Book Skills Cooking Recipe Brown 5 90 §250
Cheese Tofu Steak Book Skills Cooking Recipe Brown 5 90 §300
Tri-Tip Tofu Steak Book Skills Cooking Recipe Green 8 135 §650
Stuffed Tursoykey Book Skills Cooking Recipe Green 9 155 §800

Supernatural Recipe BooksEdit

Name Picture Level Page Price
Chili Con Carne Book Skills Cooking Recipe Blue 1 30 §25
Vegetarian Chili Book Skills Cooking Recipe Blue 1 30 §25
Mushroom Omelette Book Skills Cooking Recipe Blue 2 30 §50
Hot and Sour Soup Book Skills Cooking Recipe Blue 3 45 §100
Firecracker Shrimp Book Skills Cooking Recipe Brown 5 60 §300
Firecracker Tofu Book Skills Cooking Recipe Brown 5 60 §300
Aloo Masala Curry Book Skills Cooking Recipe Brown 6 75 §450
Porcini Risotto Book Skills Cooking Recipe Brown 7 90 §580
Potato and truffle Torte Book Skills Cooking Recipe Green 9 120 §650
Ceviche Book Skills Cooking Recipe Green 10 150 §750

Supernatural Alchemy Recipe BooksEdit

Name Picture Level Page Price
Procreation Elixir Recipe Book Book Skills Cooking Recipe Brown 5 30 §75
Liquid Job Booster Recipe Book Book Skills Cooking Recipe Brown 6 30 §132
Potent Enlightenment Recipe Book Book Skills Cooking Recipe Brown 7 30 §187
Potent Personality Adjuster Recipe Book Book Skills Cooking Recipe Green 8 30 §225
Fountain of Youth Elixir Recipe Book Book Skills Cooking Recipe Green 9 30 §471
Potent Zombification Recipe Book Book Skills Cooking Recipe Green 9 30 §607
Origin of the Tragic Clown Recipe Book Book Skills Cooking Recipe Green 10 30 §800

Bait BooksEdit

Reading bait books will teach baits for the Fishing skill.

Base Game Bait BooksEdit

Name Picture Author Level Page Price
The Wee Swimmers: Reeling Anchovy and Minnow Book Skills Fishing Bait Purple Mac McHemit 1 60 §50
The Wiskered Deep: Catfish and You Book Skills Fishing Bait Purple Cletus Bagsworth 1 90 §100
All that Glitters is Goldfish Book Skills Fishing Bait Grey Hank Castwell 1 180 §200
Gilled Tragedy: Trout and Clownfish Baiting Technique Book Skills Fishing Bait Purple Remick Statler 2 120 §300
Sushi Swimmers: How to Catch Tuna, Salmon and Blowfish Book Skills Fishing Bait Grey Parker O'Toole 3 180 §400
Predators of the Deep: Piranha, Shark and Swordfish Tips Book Skills Fishing Bait Grey Sammy Sturgeon 5 180 §500
Heavenly Delicacies: Hooking the Angelfish and Lobster Book Skills Fishing Bait Blue Anabelle Austin 5 270 §750
Binary Fishing and Analog Bait for Robofish Book Skills Fishing Bait Blue Baylee Bodeen 6 360 §1,400
Fishing for the Dead: Deathfish and Vampirefish on the Line Book Skills Fishing Bait Blue Cliff Boderick 7 360 §2,000

World Adventures Bait BooksEdit

These bait books are only found in markets in World Adventures sub-neighborhoods

Name Picture Author Level Page Price Country
Delicate Decorations: Katching Kawarimono Koi (and Doitsu) Book Skills Fishing Bait Blue Tio Timoteo 0 90 §75 China
French Delicacies: Capturing Frogs, Snails and Crawfish Book Skills Fishing Bait Blue Rufus Wade 0 120 §100 France
Dead-ly Delights: Catching Crocodiles and Mummyfish Book Skills Fishing Bait Blue Larlene Bigswell 2 270 §750 Egypt
The Art of Koi Ponds: Ochiba and Tancho Book Skills Fishing Bait Blue Gil Halil 3 180 §400 China
Mythical Fish Volume 1: Discovering Dragons Book Skills Fishing Bait Blue Ricky Pegg 7 270 §1,500 China

Supernatural Bait BooksEdit

Name Picture Author Level Page Price
Toads, Salamanders, and Beyond: A Guide to Magical Fish Book Skills Fishing Bait Red Mel Neilson 0 75 §150

Comic BooksEdit

These types of books introduced in University Life exp. pack

Name Picture Author Page Price in regular Bookshop Price in Nerd Shop
Freezer Bunny Stories Book General Childrens Roy Walters 30 §3 §4
Xenophobic Travelogue Book Comic 14 Howard L.Phelps 30 §5 §7
Supercute Magical Girl Maya Book Comic 04 Rumiko O 30 §5 §7
Altruistic Squad International Book Comic 01 Herb Gardner 30 §5 §7
Llama Man Book Comic 08 Kirby Simon 30 §5 §7
Quickfoot Book Comic 15 George Mortimer 30 §5 §7
Awesome Woman Book Comic 04 Olive Marston 30 §5 §7
Archie Archer Book Comic 02 George Mortimer 30 §5 §7
Fish Master Book Comic 08 George Mortimer 30 §5 §7
Juice Pulp Romance Book Comic 07 Brittany Aaron 30 §5 §7
Mystery Man Book Comic 10 Aleister Ruddygore 30 §5 §7
Sagebrush and Sixguns Book Comic 11 Butch Andrews 30 §5 §7
Doctor Macabre Book Comic 02 Stan Powers 30 §5 §7
Ratticator Book Comic 05 Rob Todd 30 §5 §7
Sports Team Extreme Book Comic 13 Armando Mendoza 30 §5 §7
Plasma Bug Book Comic 06 Stan Powers 30 §5 §7
Mighty Mutants Book Comic 12 Stan Powers 30 §5 §7
Volcanic Mechanic Book Comic 15 Alan Layman 30 §5 §7
Werecat and Womrat Book Comic 01 Jezebel DuClaw 30 §5 §7
Outrageous Adventure Book Comic 09 Leod McGreggor 30 §5 §7
Major Patriot Book Comic 08 Kirby Simon 30 §5 §7
Neo-Knight Noir Book Comic 03 William Kane 30 §5 §7
Horror Oracle Book Comic 11 Mel Neilson 30 §5 §7
Shinjuku Baseball Kata Book Comic 13 Rumiko O 30 §5 §7
The Inedible Bulk Book Comic 12 Stan Powers 30 §5 §7
Barney Aardvark Book Comic 05 Roy Walters 30 §5 §7
Freedom Family Book Comic 09 Stan Powers 30 §5 §7
Gumshoe Samurai Book Comic 10 Brittany Aaron 30 §5 §7
Cyber Skateboarder Book Comic 07 Kirby Simon 30 §5 §7
Upperclass Man Book Comic 14 Jerry Shuster 30 §5 §7
Avenging Belas Book Comic 14 Rob Todd 30 §10 §13
Tales From The Mine Book Comic 05 Christina Ballard 30 §12 §15
Toadsim Ninjas Book Comic 11 Kevin Peters 30 §15 §19
Flamingo Dancer Book Comic 01 Jezebel DuClaw 30 §25 §32
Bridgeport Ghost Book Comic 06 Hrithik Dixit 30 §50 §63

The Sims 4Edit

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  1. The FreeTime patch fixed the game so this occurs properly
  2. Sims could always "Write a Novel" on a home computer, but written novels did not exist as game objects prior to FreeTime.
  3. When this book is acquired through the adventure it will not stay in the Sim's inventory upon completion of the adventure, but if your Sim is in the book club they have a chance of receiving it in the mail.
  4. The amount listed is per payment per book
  5. Average weekly royalty of Bestseller book for quite experienced top-level writer in best mood and ideal trait/genre combination. May be +25-50% higher than actual non-optimal writer. Royalty depends on various factors. So these are just broad approximation. Mood of writer, genre, personal traits, reward, books written in the specific genre, and number of books author read, etc influence bestseller probability and royalty. The more books you write in the specific genre, more best-seller and higher royalty from the genre. Books written in different genre does not matter. So, specialization is important to get higher royalty.