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Booker Singleton
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Brooker Singleton
'Rodney got the brains, but Booker got the body. At a young age he learned to use his good looks to get his way, and those same skills served him well in the world of business. As the front man for the Singleton's projects, he excelled at raking in the venture capital funds. After their big payoff, he's free to spend his days pretending he knows how to run a ranch.'
Name Booker Singleton
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Young-Adult Young Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Education and Employment
Political career icon Campaign Intern
Singleton family
Parents Unknown
Sibling(s) Rodney Singleton Male
Romances Imogen Pelly Ex-romance
Child(ren) Unborn baby Pelly
"Millions in Singles"-ton household
Roommates Rodney Singleton
Pets Glint 3.0 Singleton
Trait Loves the Outdoors small Loves the Outdoors
Trait Party Animal small Party Animal
Trait Charismatic small Charismatic
Trait Schmoozer small Schmoozer
Trait Ambitious small Ambitious
Zodiac sign CancerLN Cancer
Lifetime wish
LTW Living in the Lap of Luxury Living in the Lap of Luxury
Fav Pop Pop
Fav Hot Dog Hot dogs
Fav White White
Hair color Haircolor5-TS3 Black
Eye color Eye-brown Brown
Skin color Medium skin-TS3 Medium
Body shape Fit Fit
Other Information
Game TS3P Icon The Sims 3: Pets
Playability Playable
World Appaloosa Plains

Booker Singleton is a pre-made Sim living in Appaloosa Plains. He starts the game in the Political career track as a Campaign Intern, at level 3. In his inventory, he has a HS Diploma, Audio Lite Stereo, and a book (Zombies? Zombies!). He resides in the Render Farm with his brother, Rodney, and their horse, Glint 3.0. They have §50,000, along with a well furnished ranch when starting the game. He starts off the game with a rival, Tate Curley, who dislikes his ideals, and he may be one of the people badgering Tate about selling his land. Booker also has a pregnant ex-girlfriend, Imogen Pelly.