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Buck Grunt
Buck Grunt
Gender TS2 Male Male
Age TS3-Child Child
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
More than anything else, Buck wants to be a pet stylist to the stars. He spends a lot of time wondering why his father never seems to notice him.
Education and employment
School School Public School
Grade A+
Family/Families Grunt family
Parents General Buzz Grunt, Lyla Grunt Deceased
Siblings Tank Grunt Male, Ripp Grunt Male
Zodiac sign Scorpio Scorpio
Aspiration Grow Up Grow Up
Hair color TS2 Blonde Hair Blond
Eye color TS2 Dark Blue Eyes Dark Blue
Skin color Skin-light Light
Body shape Fat Fat
Other information
Game The Sims 2 Icon The Sims 2
Playability Playable
Neighborhood Strangetown

Buck Grunt is the youngest son of General Buzz and the late Lyla Grunt. He has two older brothers, Ripp and Tank Grunt. Studious and smart, Buck is serious but also nice, and has an A+ in school when the game begins. Buck is the nicest member of the Grunt household, with 9 nice points. He also has a good relationship with his acquaintance Jill Smith, despite the feud between his family and hers.

Overall, he gets along with his family, but is somewhat distant from Tank and General Buzz. According to his bio, his accomplishments are largely ignored by his father. He is overweight when the family is first played, and is 4 days away from becoming a teenager. He wants to be a pet stylist to the stars, although there is no such career or level in any job.

While Buck has dark blue eyes, he carries the recessive allele for grey eyes. He has short blond hair. Buck wears a red T-shirt over a yellow long-sleeved shirt, with khaki green shorts and sandals. He has the same clothing and hair color as Strangetown townie Samuel Riley.

Like Jill Smith, Buck has a hidden Popularity aspiration token which can be viewed in SimPE. Other pre-made toddlers and children have this quirk, though these children's aspirations can be changed when they become teens.

Strangely, if Buck's appearance is extracted with SimPE to Body Shop, he will be thin instead of fat. This is also the case of Antonio and Claudio Monty.

In The Sims 2 for PSP, his father and brothers make an appearance, yet Buck does not. The reason for this is unknown.


Image Name Relationship level
Buzz Grunt General Buzz Grunt Acquaintance
Ripp Grunt Ripp Grunt Friend
Tank Grunt Tank Grunt Acquaintance
Jill Smith Jill Smith Acquaintance

Scorpio - Big
Sloppy 10 Neat
Shy 03 Outgoing
Lazy 03 Active
Serious 00 Playful
Grouchy 09 Nice
Sign / personality mismatch
A Sim with this personality would normally be a Virgo.

Image Interest Level
Environment interestEnvironment05
Food interestFood06
Weather interestWeather03
Culture interestCulture10
Money interestMoney00
Politics interestPolitics07
Paranormal interestParanormal02
Health interestHealth02
Fashion interestFashion10
Travel interestTravel06
Crime interestCrime00
Sports interestSports00
Entertainment interestEntertainment10
Animals interestAnimals10
Work interestWork03
School interestSchool08
Toys interestToys07
Sci-Fi interestSci-Fi01

Image Memory Type
Potty Trained Potty Trained by Lyla Positive
Learned to Walk from -Sim- Learned to Walk from Lyla Positive
Learned to Talk from -Sim- Learned to Talk from Lyla Positive
Grew Up Grew Up Well Positive
Grew Up Tank Grew Up Well Positive
Grew Up Ripp Grew Up Badly Negative


Other LanguagesEdit

Language The Sims 2
English Buck Grunt
Brazilian Portuguese Armânio Rosnado
Chinese (Simplified) 巴克 格兰特
Chinese (Traditional) 巴克 古瓦特
Czech Marek Bručoun
Danish Trolle Gundersen
Dutch Ernst Grom
European Portuguese Carlos Grunho
Finnish Jaska Ruutila
French Rénald Troufion
German Gerd Grunz
Italian Buck Grunt
Japanese バック グラント
Korean 벅 그런트
Norwegian Bukkleif Bang
Polish Bartłomiej Kamasz
Russian Бак Грант
Spanish Fofo Reclutas
Swedish Buster Basse
Thai บัค กรันท์
The Grunt Family
Rock - Wanda - Chip - Missy - Buzz - Lyla - Tank - Ripp - Buck