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The business park is a type of community lot and a lot assignment featured in The Sims 3: Into the Future. It is similar to a park; however, the business park contains a collection of legacy statues.

Legacy StatuesEdit

The legacy statues are always present whether they are in a state of Oasis Landing. When a Sim is unlocking a legacy statue, it will give him/her a reward. However, a Sim needs requirements to unlock a legacy statue. The requirements are found in the Almanac of time. If a Sim completes a legacy statue, he/she will take over that statue status.

Types of Legacy StatueEdit

Oasis LandingEdit

Legacy Park
Legacy Park
Legacy Park in Oasis Landing

The Legacy park is a default business park lot in Oasis Landing.


  • There is a glitch that an ice Sim legacy statue will turn into an "ice goblin" legacy statue.[1]


  1. Legacy Statue Bug forum on

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