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Campus Lounge
Campus Lounge
Type: Community
Value: §120,570
Size: 40x40
Number of floors: 5
Neighborhood: Sim State University
Local musicians flock to the Campus Lounge in hopes of making a name for themselves at school. Come watch a show or two or just enjoy the ambience while you lounge about the lounge.

The Campus Lounge is a place on the Sim State University campus where the students hang out and play instruments for tips. The first floor has a bar; a small lounge with a fireplace; a room with a guitar, bass, and drum set; an espresso bar; and a study lounge with computers and a bookcase. The second floor has a room with a piano, one with a bass, and one with a guitar and drum set. It also has restrooms, a TV set, a pinball machine, and an arcade game.

Players with Open for Business or later may want to get the Less Addictive Espresso Bar mod, otherwise, Sims may flock to the espresso bar and ignore those who are playing for tips.

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