Castaway Beach
Castaway Beach
Lot type Community
Lot size Huge
Neighborhood Felicity Island
Game The Sims Castaway Stories

One of the loveliest stretches of beach on Felicity Island is also a haven for beachcombers. The currents around the island carry a lot of marine life, flotsam and even the occasional castaway Sim to these shores.

Castaway Beach is a community lot (Residential at the start of the game) on the southeastern beach of Felicity Island. A path to the east leads to Broken Wings. The main character in Shipwrecked and Single initially lands on this beach in the beginning, but later as the game moves on, the player switches residence to The Shady Lagoon, and by the end of the game the player eventually settles down in The Village Harbor, however the Castaway Beach will still be used in later parts of the story. When the player moves out of the lot it will become a community lot.

The lot has a few resources but is completely empty from anything else and the player has to furnish it when starting out the game, however the only furniture needed at that point in the game are at the "Survival" category in Barter Mode, and due to the lot's landscape, there are only two areas where the furniture can be placed properly, however there are some smaller places that the furniture can be placed in, however it's better when it's placed closer to other pieces of furniture.