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Charmaine Manne
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Headshot largeCharmaineManne
Name Charmaine Manne
Gender Female Female
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Human icon Sim
Parents Unknown
Sibling(s) None
Romances None
Marital status Single
Child(ren) None
Trait Charismatic small Charismatic
Trait Friendly small Friendly
Trait Good Sense of Humor small Good Sense of Humor
Trait Eco-Friendly small Eco-Friendly
Trait Excitable small Excitable
Lifetime wish
LTW Fashion Phenomenon Fashion Phenomenon
Fav Indie Indie
Fav Cobbler Cobbler
Fav Spiceberry Spiceberry
Hair color Haircolor1-TS3 Blonde
Eye color Eye-blue Blue
Skin color Tan skin-TS3 Tan
Body shape Fat Fat
Other Information
Game TS3A Icon The Sims 3: Ambitions
Playability Townie
World Twinbrook

Charmaine Manne is a pre-made townie in Twinbrook from The Sims 3: Ambitions. She is usually seen wandering around town, performing the jobs which are introduced with Ambitions, such as Stylist. She hasn't met anyone, yet. She carries a book in her inventory. Her name is a pun on charming man.