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Trait TS4 Cheerful
Cheerful is an emotional trait in The Sims 4. This trait conflicts with the Gloomy and Hot-Headed traits.

"These Sims tend to be Happier than other Sims. "

Attributes Edit

S4moodlet feeling cheerful
  • Cheerful Sims randomly get a "Feeling Happy" moodlet.
  • Occasionaly, Cheerful Sims get a "Perfect Brew" moodlet when they drank something high quality.
  • They can "Confess Cheerful Ways" to other Cheerful Sims.
  • They can get a "Songbird Deluxe" moodlet when they sang karaoke awesomely.
  • They can also have a "Perfect Partner" moodlet, rather than the "New Partner" moodlet.


  • Become happy
  • Meet someone new
  • Chat with someone
  • Make a friend
  • Call Someone On The Phone
  • Tell a Joke
  • Dance To Stereo Music
  • Hug another Sim

Cheerful Sims Edit

Summer Holiday, Vivian Lewis, Sofia Bjergsen

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