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Circus is a career track[1][2] introduced in The Sims: Unleashed.

Level Name Description Pay Hours Skills Required Friends Required
1 Popcorn Vendor You ran away with the circus! And...they made you sell popcorn, and...they are paying you peanuts. At least the elephants will be your friends. Look at it this way: you get to dress funny and hang out with carnies - isn't that reward enough? §90 16:00-23:00 16002300 None 0
2 Ticket Taker No more greasy popcorn! Now it's just nice clean tickets to punch. You get to watch the show for free, plus the hours are totally kick-back! You will need to smile a lot and be the "fix-it clown" for the carnie boss. Just remember to show up, do what you're told, and maybe you'll have a shot at something more challenging. §130 15:00-18:00 15001800 None 0
3 Midway Carnie Remember those scary weirdos at the fair when you were a kid? No wonder they had that vacant, glazed expression on their faces: rusting, decrepit rides held together with duct tape, kids screaming in their ears all day, managers breathing down their necks! Find some creative ways to manipulate your friends and get out of this racket! §140 15:00-00:00 15000000 Mechanical: 1

Charisma: 1 Body: 1

4 Sideshow Barker Step riiight UP! Now here is where your charisma really comes in handy. Can you get little kids to part with their allowance? Build a little muscle to deal with kids who complain, and learn exciting new tricks from your new carnie friends such as yelling, magnet and lead weight camouflage, and stuffed animal puppetry. §180 15:00-22:00 15002200 Mechanical: 1

Charisma: 1 Body: 2 Creativity: 1

5 Clown Unlike the sad excuses for clowns that show up at parties, you follow in the august tradition of the Commedia dell'Arte, court jesters, and harlequin acrobats that bring culture and mystique to the stage. You just keep telling yourself that...each time you practice looking "melancholy" in the mirror. §200 15:00-23:00 15002300 Mechanical: 1

Charisma: 2 Body: 4 Creativity: 1

6 Human Cannonball Some of the other clowns got jealous by your constantly stealing the show. They want to see if you're as funny flying, and on fire. But don't blow up at them - get even. If you can pull this off, it's onward and upward for you. Besides, what's the worst they can you? §240 9:00-15:00 09001500 Mechanical: 1

Charisma: 4 Body: 5 Creativity: 1 Logic: 1

7 Acrobat Flying through the air seems to suit you well, now just do it without all the gunpowder. You'll need a little more strength and creativity to perform the complex tricks that keep jaws and simoleons dropping. Fix the nets for the trapeze artists, and maybe they'll let you "hang out" with them! §500 16:00-23:00 16002300 Mechanical: 1

Charisma: 5 Body: 6 Creativity: 4 Logic: 2

8 Trapeze Artist Now you've got the swing of things! Keep that smile pasted on your face and your skin-tight costume pasted to your body. Remember - the audience doesn't care about the years of hard work and training - you're just one big spectacle, so give them their money's worth...and don't look into the flashbulbs! §610 16:00-23:00 16002300 Mechanical: 3

Charisma: 6 Body: 7 Creativity: 5 Logic: 2

9 Lion Tamer The high-wire act frayed your nerves, so you opted for something less risky, like taming lions. After all, they've all been de-clawed, sedated, and well fed, so there's nothing to worry about right? There is no risk. There can't be any risk. Lions are just big loveable kitty cats. There is nothing to worry about. Don't worry. Just DON'T show any FEAR. §775 16:00-23:00 16002300 Mechanical: 3

Charisma: 8 Body: 8 Creativity: 5 Logic: 3 Cooking: 1

10 Ringmaster Lions and cannons and clowns OH MY! Right to the top...the BIG TOP! But this is no time to relax, you'll need to stay on the ball, show up every day, and keep all your performers on their toes. You might be master today, but there are plenty of clowns out there hungry for your job. Keep working the crowd, and pandering to public taste. §815 17:00-23:00 17002300 Mechanical: 3

Charisma: 9 Body: 8 Creativity: 6 Logic: 5 Cooking: 1


A Ringmaster will eventually change careers and become a Veterinarian in the Animal Care career track.[3]


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  3. The text of the chance card says "Alligator Relocator", but a coding error will cause the new job to be Veterinarian.

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