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The City Hall is the chief administrative building of neighborhoods in The Sims 3. It's also a main landmark in the towns and was featured in many promotional videos and snapshots for The Sims 3.

Gameplay descriptionsEdit

At the city hall, Sims can get a job in the political career, take a charisma class, change their own and their children's names (both first and last),[1] register to be self-employed in a skill career[TS3:A] and tour city hall. Sims can WooHoo here but they might get caught by the security and be asked to leave.

If The Sims 3: Ambitions is installed, the player can join the Architectural Designer profession at the city hall.

City halls generate the following red map tag in-game:

Cityhall Tag


Protests can often occur outside of City Hall, and the player can direct their Sims to participate, though the player cannot start a protest without the help of mods. Protests have about a 15% of starting, and are more common at the beginning of the game when a Sim or family moves into a new neighborhood. The topic of the protest is displayed on signs held by the protesters; the image shown on the sign is random. Joining a protest gives Sims with the Rebellious trait the 'Fight The Power' moodlet.

Sims can start a protest with the "me too" megaphone if University Life is installed, and they do not need to be at city hall.





  1. Household/lot name and description cannot be changed in City Hall. They must be changed in Edit Town mode.