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The Sims Makin Magic

Clowntastic Land
96 Calamity Clowntastic
Type: Community
Number of floors: 1
Neighborhood: Magic Town

"More fun than was previously thought possible" is the purported motto of this clown-themed carnival. In addition to the exciting rides, the theme park features several mini-golf challanges.

Clowntastic Land is one of the default Magic Town lots in The Sims: Makin' Magic. It is situated at 96 Calamity Forest.

Its theme is more-or-less that of a small amusement park. It has a fun-house ride, a mini-golf course, arcade games, and a Mea Fortuna machine.

For the magically inclined, Nagganaste the snake charmer and Apothecary Todd are there, as is a dueling stage.

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