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Club Rubb
Type: Community
Owner: Mona Lott, Bing Bling (Console version)
Neighborhood: SimValley

Club Rubb is a location in the The Sims: Bustin' Out. It can be found in both the GBA version and the console version.

GBA VersionEdit

In the GBA version, a minigame (Jam Session) has to be opened by completing the goals under the section "The Rise of Club Rubb". You must talk to Vera Vex after moving into the clock Tower to start the mission, then talk to Maximilian Moore, get real 30 with Detective Dan D. Mann, pay Detective Dan D. Mann 1,000 Simoleons as taxes and buy ten flyers from Nikki Knack and give them to other Sims. There isn't much to do at Club Rubb besides play Jam Session, dance, turn tables, and buy drinks.

Console VersionEdit

Club Rubb is in The Sims: Bustin' Out console version. It is the home of parties. Mona Lott and Bing Bling are the owners. You go there if you are in the Movie Star career track, Fashion Victim career track, or Jock career track.

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