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A Sim telling a joke

Comedy is a skill in The Sims 4. The higher a Sim's Comedy skill, the more successful their jokes will be and the more money they will receive for performing routines. This skill is essential for the Comedian branch of the Entertainer career.


Comedy skill is mainly built by writing jokes on a computer, reading Comedy skill books and through Funny Interactions with other Sims. As your Sim levels up, the unlocked options to write, refine and perform routines will also build Comedy skill. Sims who are Playful will build Comedy skill faster.


Level Ability
2 Tell Knock-Knock Jokes
3 Compose Short routine; Perform Short Routine
4 Joke about Fashion
5 Practice Comedy Routine; Refine Comedy Routine
6 Compose Medium Routine; Perform Medium Routine
7 Write Comedy books
8 Compose Long Routine; Perform Long Routine
9 Tell a Crowd Pleasing Story
10 Improvise Routines