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Skill TS4 Comedy
Comedy is a skill in The Sims 4. The higher a Sim's comedy skill, the more successful their jokes will be and the more money they will receive for performing routines. This skill is essential for the Comedian branch of the Entertainer career.


Level Ability Interaction
2 Tell Knock-Knock Jokes Social interaction
3 Compose Short routine, Perform Short Routine Computer and microphone interactions
4 Joke about Fashion Social interaction
5 Practice Comedy Routine, Refine Comedy Routine Computer interactions
6 Compose Medium Routine, Perform Medium Routine Computer and microphone interactions
7 Write Comedy books Computer interaction
8 Compose Long Routine; Perform Long Routine Computer and microphone interactions
9 Tell a Crowd Pleasing Story Social interaction
10 Improvise Routines Microphone interaction


Comedy skill is mainly built by writing jokes on a computer, reading comedy skill books and through funny interactions with other Sims. As Sims levels up, the unlocked options to write, refine and perform routines will also build this skill. Sims who are playful, will build comedy skill faster.


Composing and performingEdit

With gaining more levels in comedy Sims can perform comedy routines. These routines have to be first composed on computers, before having them available for Sims to tell them on the microphone. At level three Sims can compose short routines, at level five Sims can practice routines, at level six Sims can compose medium routines, and at level eight Sims can compose long routines.

Gaining SimoleonsEdit

When performing comedy routines, Sims can gain Simoleons as there are different amounts of Simoleons gained for different base qualities; base quality for short is §75, medium is §125, and long is §200. The Simoleons that can be gained from the routines have the ability to be pumped up by refining the routine at the computer, when the Sim has reached level five in the skill. The routines also have four quality levels: Poor, Okay, Good, and Excellent, and can affect on how much Simoleons the performing Sim can gain. An excellent short routine pays §112, excellent medium pays §188, and excellent long pays §330.

Supportive traitsEdit

The following traits can help Sims gain this skill:

  • Goofball - Goofball Sims become playful more often than other Sims, making this trait to be the perfect match for leveling comedy, as skill gain will be faster while playful.
  • Outgoing - Outgoing Sims can also be good at comedy, as these Sims are good at socialization.

Supportive emotionsEdit

The following emotions can help Sims gain this skill:

  • Playful - Playful is the perfect emotion for gaining comedy, as playful Sims gain the skill faster.