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List of Castaway releasesEdit


  • The console versions start with one member of your crew ending up on an island whereas in the DS version, you start in a crate.
  • The console versions are developed by The Sims Division whereas the DS version is developed by Full Fat.
  • The Sims 2: Castaway is a console/handheld only game. There is no PC expansion for Castaway although The Sims Castaway Stories is a standalone game and as stated above, it is unrelated to The Sims 2 although they do use the same game engine.
  • In Castaway Stories, Sims age and can have children, whereas in the console versions they stay adults forever.
  • In Castaway Stories, there is a limited variety of supplies, whereas the console version contains a larger variety of available supplies.
  • In Castaway Stories, there are jaguars, hyenas, and orangutans. In the console versions, only boars, apes, and even parrots are seen throughout the islands.
  • In the console version, unlike the other versions, no characters other than those created by the player appear in the island. This turns into a very lonely gameplay when the player only creates one Sim.

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