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Confident is an emotion available in The Sims 4. The emotion usually occurs when a Sim levels up in a skill. It can evolve into 'Very confident'.

Interactions and Activities Edit

Sims will be more successful in their interactions, such as repairing and social interactions with other Sims.

Interactions Edit

  • Show Off Muscles
  • Tell Unbelievable Story
  • Propose Crazy Scheme
  • Use Bold Pick-Up Line
  • Suave Kiss

Activities Edit


A very confident Sim.

  • Confident painting (Easel interaction)
  • Pee Like a Champion: When a Sim is confident, the options for using a toilet is replaced with 'Pee like a champion'. However, there is no difference between the 'Peeing like a champion' and the normal peeing interaction.
  • Run with Chest Out (Treadmill interaction)
  • Admire Self (Mirror interaction)

Supportive Traits Edit

These traits affect how often a Sim is confident.

  • Self-Assured

Object Auras Edit

Dead/Alive Aliens, Confident Paintings and various The Sims 3 Rewards are examples of items with a Confident Object Aura. Rewards for the Secret Agent and the Business Careers have a Confident Aura as well.

Careers and Jobs Edit

Sims with these jobs or careers will gain work performance if they go to work while confident.

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