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Cook family
There's a lot of a dirty laundry in the Cook household. Jeffrey and Lady maintain the appearance of a married couple but can barely stand the sight of each other. Lady is more interested in facials than face time with her impressionable teenage daughter, Elspeth. Will Elspeth turn out ok with her mother's esthetician Cressida Wells as her only confidante in a dysfunctional household?
Name Cook family
Members Jeffrey Cook, Lady Cook, Elspeth Cook, Cressida Wells
Number of generations 3 generations
Family connections Atkins family, Old and New Glam household
Lot 2110 Edgewood Road
Difficulty level Difficulty3
Other information
Game TS3LN Icon The Sims 3: Late Night
World Bridgeport

The Cook family is a pre-made family who is residing in Bridgeport. They have a Difficulty level of 3. It consists of politician Jeffrey Cook who is married to Lady Cook. They have one daughter Elspeth. Cressida Wells is living with them. Story is that Cressida is live-in Spa Specialist for Lady Cook.

Jeffrey is corrupt and his wife is very materialistic and according to her bio she can be seen in Downtown buying all types of expensive clothes. Elspeth hates both of her parents because she does not agree with their lifestyle. They are well known for being a problematic and dysfunctional family.

According to the Household bio, Jeffrey and Lady can't stand the sight of each other, even though when you first start the family, they are actually friends. Their bedroom has two single beds in it.