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Dreamer's Costume Chest
Game The Sims 3: Generations
Buyable Buy mode
Price §500
Type Toy
Size 1x2

The Dreamer's Costume Chest lets any child transform into a character limited only by their imagination. They can frighten passersby with a mighty roar, walk on the moon, or even wave to their royal subjects. Prepare for a possible argument as your child may never want to take off their costume!
A costume chest is a pre-made object chest introduced in Generations, which includes clothes available for children to change to their liking. It has a fun-factor of 8 when played with.


Child Sims can choose from four costumes: Tyrannosarus Rex, Astronaut, Prince and Princess.

Either gender of child can change into all types of clothes.


Whenever you click a costume chest (either the objects mentioned below or custom content), there will be only be one interaction which is "Transform Into...". Once clicked, these are the interactions:

  • A Tyrannosarus Rex...
    • Red Roaring T-Rex
    • Gargantuan Green T-Rex
    • Pouncing Pink T-Rex
  • An Astronaut...
    • Moon Walker White
    • Astro Orange
    • Pulsar Purple
  • A Prince...
    • Knightly Grey
    • Heroic Blue
    • Royal Red
  • A Princess...
    • Lavish Lavender
    • Regal Rose
    • Proper Periwinkle


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