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Not to be confused with Creativity.
Trait TS4 Creative
Creative is an emotional trait that was introduced in The Sims 4.

"These Sims tend to be Inspired, can Share Creative Ideas with other Sims, and may become upset if they're not creative for a period of time."

Attributes Edit

S4moodlet feeling inspired
  • Creative Sims randomly get a "Feeling Inspired" moodlet.
S4moodlet uncreative
  • Creative Sims will get the "Feeling Uncreative" moodlet if they haven't been creative.
  • Creative Sims will gain Fun from Painting.
  • Creative Sims can Share Creative Ideas with other Sims.


  • Become inspired
  • Finish a painting
  • Play an instrument
  • Plant something

Creative Sims Edit

Alice Spencer-Kim, Mortimer Goth, Cassandra Goth, Gavin Richards, Gunther Munch, Ulrike Faust, Maaike Haas, Salim Benali

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