Not to be confused with Natural Cook.
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Creative Cook is a trait in The Sims Medieval. It's similar to the Natural Cook trait from The Sims 3.

Spice is the variety of life, and your Sim's got plenty of it! Meals made by Sims with the Creative Cook trait taste better and take less time to prepare.

Attributes Edit

  • Preparing meals takes less time.
  • Meals taste better and give the positive buff Delicious! to anyone who eats them. (+15 Focus for 4 hours, even for those with the Cruel fatal flaw)
  • Creative Cooks can "Gush about Cooking", while socializing.

Tips Edit

  • Sims with the Unkempt trait can eat rotten food, so they can carry around lots of rotten "creative" food.
  • A Sim with the Whale Ate My Parents trait can supply a Creative Cook with the best food ingredient in game. "Whale stew" gives a +25 focus buff, which lasts 36 hours.