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Not to be confused with Customer loyalty.
Customer Reviews Example

An example of the collective opinion taken from Customers Reviews display what the customers liked and what the customers think should be improved.

Customer Satisfaction measures the success of a Sim's restaurant in The Sims 4: Dine Out. Customers are a major part of a Restaurant other than the Employees themselves as they the the consumer that purchases the meals a Restaurant makes and the Restaurants get Simoleans which will be divided for the pay for the staff, owner, and the Restaurant itself. Customers Satisfaction can and will effect a Sims Restaurant, multiple customers giving their review dictate what Star Rating the Restaurant has and in turn determine how good the populace think of the Restaurant.

Star RatingEdit

Restaurant Panel Closed

The 5 Star Rating showcases how popular and well liked the Restaurant is.

On the Panel of Owned Businesses, Restaurants display a 5 Star rating in which will be influenced by the collective of customers and Restaurant Critics.

All customers enter the Restaurant with a star floating above their head, all customers start out with a neutral 3 star rating and will either go up to 4 or 5, or will go down to 2, or 1 depending on how their experience was with the service, meal and ambience.

TS4 Restaurant Customers

Customers seen with a neutral 3 Star Rating.

Star Rating is important as it is a public review of how customers think of the Restaurant, at 1 star, the Restaurant will have very few customers coming in, but as the star rating rises the popular the Restaurant is and the more customers come in.
  • At 1 Star, 5 Customers will come in
  • At 2 Star, 7 Customer will come in
  • At 3 Star, 10 Customers will come in
  • At 4 Star, 14 Customers will come in
  • At 5 Star, 20 Customers will come in

Increasing the star rating is done by improving the service of the Host, Waiters, and the Chefs, as well as how well they treat the customers. The better the customers are treated, how fast they get the food, and how tasty the food is will greatly enhance the customers opinion and help it slowly become a better rated Restaurant.

Increasing Customer SatisfactionEdit

Customers have three different needs when they come to the Restaurant: Meal Quality, Service, and Ambience.

Meal Quality, is dictated by how good the Chefs are, their skill and emotion to work as a Chef can greatly effect how the meal is tasty.

Service, is dictated by how well the Hosts and Waiters treat the customers as well as how fast the Waiters are to deliver the food and make sure they don't drop the food.

Ambience, is dictated by how decorated the place is and the aroma of the music.

Meal Quality and Service are highly dependant on Employee work and they must be of the required skill and mood in order to work at the Restaurant.

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Restaurant CriticEdit

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There are unique customers that are paid to be a customer by going to Restaurants and trying out how the service, meal, and ambience is. What matters is that Restaurant Critic's have a public opinion to many other people and their opinion can greatly effect the Star Rating so it is manditory to make sure Restaurant Critic's aren't left out.