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Amin Graham
Amin Graham, a DJ from Nightlife.

DJs are a type of NPC in The Sims 2: Nightlife and The Sims 4: Get Together. Once Downtown is associated with the main neighborhood, the neighborhood will have three pre-made NPC DJs, and a booth placed on a community lot will use one of them.

If there's a DJ booth on a community lot, playable Sims can also work for a while as a DJ, and the Sim will earn simoleons while working at the booth. Also, Sims may have a want to work as the DJ.

If Downtown has not been associated with the main neighborhood, instead of the pre-made DJs, the game will generate DJs to work at the booth.

List of DJsEdit

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These DJs have their names randomized when the Downtown sub-neighborhood is associated with the main neighborhood. Their names are only referenced in the game files.