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Trait Daredevil
Daredevil is a lifestyle trait in The Sims 3. It conflicts with the Coward trait.

Your Sim lives on the edge, and can take many things to the extreme!


  • Daredevils tend to extinguish fire on the lot or other Sims before attempting to put out themselves.
  • Daredevils share the fearlessness of Sims with the Brave trait, fighting burglars and resisting the "Hunted!" moodlet from vampires.
  • Daredevils provide a bonus from writing in the Auto-Biography genre.
  • Daredevils can only choose the Crazy Cowboy/Cowgirl difficulty when riding the mechanical bull. They are also restricted to the high speed difficulty on the PlasmaPunch Gyroscopic Conductor.[TS3:ST]
  • Daredevils will switch to swimwear when making a snow angel.[TS3:S]

Special InteractionsEdit

  • Daredevils have the "Extreme" variations of many interactions, such as "Extreme Jog," "Take an Extreme Shower," and "Extreme Sleep." These interactions aren't different with regular ones.
  • Daredevils can extinguish fire at 33% rate faster.
  • Daredevils can use "Watch This!" interaction to another Sim. The daredevil will crouch and eat dirt, and it will disgust the Sim.
  • Daredevils can "Play with Fire" with a fireplace.
  • Daredevils can skinny dip at any time of the day.[TS3:LN]

Player NotesEdit

Special MoodletsEdit

Image Moodlet Name Notes
On Fire On Fire Daredevils will get a positive moodlet when catching a fire, with +50 mood that will last for 3 hours.
Adrenaline Rush Adrenaline Rush Daredevils will get this moodlet after performing the "Watch This!" interaction or after being on fire.

Premade DaredevilsEdit

Christopher Steel, Luke McDermott, Skip Broke

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