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Dayvid Musgrave
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Dayvid Musgrave
Unlike his vampire brethren, Dayvid is a vegan who faints immediately at the sight of plasma. And nothing beats a day out in the sun for Dayvid! Now he’s been shunned by the vampire community in Moonlight Falls. Dayvid met Branch, who placed an ad looking for someone to move into a spare room in Branch’s house. The two became best friends immediately with their common interests: being mindful of the environment and eating their own homegrown food.
Name Dayvid Musgrave
Gender Male Male
Age TS3-Adult Adult
Life state CAS Vampire icon Vampire
Education and Employment
Professional Sports career icon Minor Leaguer
Musgrave family
Marital status Single
Roommates Vegan household
Roommates Branch Timbley
Trait Athletic small Athletic
Trait Coward small Coward
Trait Dislikes Children small Dislikes Children
Trait Friendly small Friendly
Trait Vegetarian small Vegetarian
Hidden traits
Trait Vampire small Vampire
Zodiac sign LibraLN Libra
Lifetime wish
LTW Super Popular Super Popular
Fav Pop Pop
Fav O Positive O Positive
Fav Lilac Lilac
Hair color Haircolor5-TS3 Black
Eye color Eye-brown Brown
Skin color Dark skin-TS3 Dark
Body shape Thin Thin
Other Information
Game TS3SN Icon The Sims 3: Supernatural
Playability Playable
World Moonlight Falls

Dayvid Musgrave is a pre-made vampire residing in Moonlight Falls with his best friend, Branch Timbley. Dayvid loves the environment and has committed to a vegetarian diet. According to his bio he is disliked by the vampire community, however, he is not enemies or even disliked by any vampires and is friends with many. Dayvid is employed in the Professional Sport career as a minor leaguer and is at level 3 in the athletic skill and carries a copy of "Seances and Six Sense Abilities" and three plasma fruits in his inventory.

Dayvid is best friends with Branch Timbley, good friends with Rick and Serena Durwood, and Emelie Van Gould, and friends with Tristan Van Gould, David Pok and Pip Goodfellow. He is disliked by Malcolm Harris and Helen Hall.

Like all other Sims from Moonlight Falls, he has the "New Friend" moodlet when first played. His name is most likely referring to David Mustaine.

Skills Edit

Image Skill Level
Professional Sports career iconAthletic03