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Delivery person
Mitch Wolosenko
Mitch Wolosenko, a delivery person in The Sims 2 from Pleasantview.

Delivery people are a type of NPC in The Sims 2 and The Sims Life Stories. Their main job is to deliver everything that isn't a newspaperpizza, chinese food, or hobby magazines. They wear a blue shirt and trousers, along with a baseball cap with a logo. Their vans are reminiscent of the FedEX vans in the USA, though they are blue with a "flying plumbbob" logo.

What they deliverEdit

List of Delivery peopleEdit

See also: Category:Delivery people

The Sims 2Edit

Riverblossom Hills
Desiderata Valley
Belladonna Cove

The Sims StoriesEdit

Four Corners
Free Play

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